Authentic Protein Bars
Yet another peanut butter-based protein bar has hit the market, and it looks very similar to others out there. But does it taste similar? Spoiler alert: yep!
Fit Crunch Bars
Fit Crunch Bars have been one of the leaders in the industry for quite some time, and based on the texture of these bars, I can see the appeal. However, the flavor is simply too artificial for me to truly enjoy these bars.
RXBar Review
RXBar gives you exactly what you expect: it's all laid out right on the package, and what you see is exactly what you taste. If you want a protein bar with minimal ingredients, I can see the appeal, but there are far tastier options out there.
Pure Protein Bars
Pure Protein bars were one of the original protein bars on the market, and they have stood the test of time. They were my introduction to protein bars many years ago, and I think they are perfect for that.
Special K Protein Bars
These Special K protein bars are surprisingly delicious and eat like a regular cereal snack bar. The protein content isn't overly impressive, but the taste and texture are both very pleasant.
CTRL cookie dough bar
CTRL bars have good flavor, but they are very sweet and lack the nutrition facts that would make this a go-to protein bar. The texture is very similar to Anabar, but overly sweet with less protein overall.