Quest Hero Bars
Quest Hero bars are a great change of pace from regular Quest Bars. The flavors won't blow you away, but their unique texture makes these really enjoyable protein bars.
Special K Protein Bars
These Special K protein bars are surprisingly delicious and eat like a regular cereal snack bar. The protein content isn't overly impressive, but the taste and texture are both very pleasant.
TRUBAR flavors
As far as plant-based protein bars are concerned, TRUBAR is pretty impressive. The flavors are unique, and considering the minimal ingredients used, they're better than most other plant-based bars out there.
Grab the gold snack bars
These Grab The Gold snack bars are much more of a "health food" bar then they are a protein bar, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. They have well-rounded macros, clean ingredients, and a great amount of sweetness... I was pleasantly surprised by these.
Zing Bars
Zing bars are a great plant-based and gluten-free option, and I can definitely recommend them on flavor alone. Unfortunately, the protein content is much lower than other options out there, preventing this from becoming a top-tier vegan protein bar.