GoMacro Stack
If you need a bar that checks all the health food boxes (gluten-free, plant-based, organic) then GoMacro has you covered, but the flavors won't blow you away.
Grab the gold snack bars
These Grab The Gold snack bars are much more of a "health food" bar then they are a protein bar, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. They have well-rounded macros, clean ingredients, and a great amount of sweetness... I was pleasantly surprised by these.
Met RX Protein Bars
There's no denying that MET-Rx bars are fun, and if you need a high-calorie option, these might be a good choice for you. But when compared to the other options available today, these are only average in almost every single category.
Nicks keto protein bar
I absolutely love Nick's light ice cream, but their protein bars tend to tell a different story. While the texture of these bars is awesome, the flavor doesn't quite hit the mark.
Promax protein bars
Promax protein bars are pretty average as far as taste is concerned, but their soft texture is pleasant compared to most overly chewy options out there.
Pure Protein Bars
Pure Protein bars were one of the original protein bars on the market, and they have stood the test of time. They were my introduction to protein bars many years ago, and I think they are perfect for that.