REVIEW: New & Improved Magic Spoon Marshmallow Treats

Flavors Tried: Marshmallow

Price: $39 for 16 bars ($2.44 per bar)

Nutrition (for one bar): 130 Calories, 6g Fat, 17g Carbs (1g Net Carb), 11g Protein

Magic Spoon Treats

Magic Spoon sold cereal bars for a hot minute a few years ago, but they have since been discontinued. As someone who previously reviewed those bars, I can promise you that you are missing nothing: Magic Spoon severely missed the mark with those.

Well, it seems that Magic Spoon agreed, and they’ve now released these brand new “Magic Spoon Treats” to replace those old mediocre protein bars.

These new treats promise to be a high-protein, low-carb version of a classic marshmallow treat. This is nothing new in today’s market and something we’ve seen from the likes of Sinless Snacks, Vaughn’s, ONE, and more.

I love Magic Spoon Cereal, but the bars fell seriously short, so let’s see where these new Magic Spoon Treats fall.

What’s in the Magic Spoon Marshmallow Treats?

Before we dive into the taste test, let’s talk about what these bars are packing.

Magic Spoon Treats Macros

Each Magic Spoon Marshmallow Treat comes in at 130 calories, boasts an impressive 11 grams of protein, and carries only 1 gram of net carbs – numbers that are sure to make the keto folks very happy.

On paper, these treats are a dream come true for anyone trying to keep it low-calorie and high-protein on the go.

A serving of Magic Spoon cereal contains around 140 calories, 7 grams of fat, and 13 grams of protein, so it’s pretty much on-par with what you get in the cereal.

Overall Magic Spoon Treats Review

Magic Spoon Marshmallow Treat

As a fan of Magic Spoon’s cereal, and considering how impressive I find the flavors to be, I had very high expectations that they would be able to capture the familiar flavor of a Rice Krispies Treat.

The first thing you’ll notice with these treats is the stickiness – it’s like a déjà vu of the cereal experience, as the bar adheres to your teeth as you eat it.

While some might find this texture off-putting (it’s a major point of contention with the cereal), for those of us who’ve grown to appreciate the Magic Spoon’s cereal, it’s nothing too egregious.

When it comes to flavor, this marshmallow treat is… interesting. The bar greets you with a toasty, almost savory profile that’s intriguing, but kind of confusing.

Almond butter replaces what one might expect to be a marshmallow component, creating a nuttiness that’s quite pronounced. It’s a departure from the pure, sweet marshmallow hit of our childhoods, but it’s not necessarily bad.

Interior of magic spoon treat

What’s really strange to me about these bars is that they emit a scent that’s unexpectedly reminiscent of… French fries? It’s an odd comparison, for sure, but it’s the best analogy for the “toasted” note that hits your nose. Fried potatoes is where my mind goes right away.

While not unpleasant, it’s certainly a wild card in the scent department.

Biting into the bar, you’ll find it’s airy, with pieces that break apart in a manner that nods to the Rice Krispies Treats’ texture. Yet, you might miss the marshmallow’s sweet glue that brings everything together.

The lack of a marshmallow element is definitely a letdown, but not unexpected for a keto protein bar. Ultimately, the texture just kind of tastes like they took a bunch of Magic Spoon cereal and stuck it together with almond butter.

Which, frankly, I think is exactly what they did.

New Magic Spoon Treats vs. Magic Spoon Protein Bars

Let’s get one thing straight – these new treats are a definitive step up from the original Magic Spoon Cereal Bars.

In case you missed the first iteration, here’s what they used to look like:

Magic Spoon Cereal Bars

The previous Magic Spoon protein bars, with their granola-like chew and extremely disappointing flavor profiles, left many of us (myself included) wanting more.

These new treats, however, offer a much closer experience to actual Magic Spoon cereal.

To be clear: while improved, they don’t quite hit the nostalgic mark. These aren’t your classic marshmallow treats; they’re something else, something new.

They’re a solid choice if you’re a fan of Magic Spoon cereal and desire a portable version that doesn’t require milk or a spoon, but they’re not going to bring you back to a simpler time when you could eat 10 Rice Krispies Treats without batting an eye.

Final Thoughts

Magic Spoon Treats

The Magic Spoon Marshmallow Treats find themselves in a curious spot.

They’re a good enough cereal bar for Magic Spoon fans and offer convenience over a bowl of cereal with milk. For those strictly adhering to a keto diet, I can definitely see more of an appeal here.

However, if your heart is set on a true-to-form marshmallow treat experience, you might find yourself searching elsewhere.

For Magic Spoon enthusiasts, these treats definitely work. You’re getting Magic Spoon cereal in the form of a bar. Nothing more, nothing less.

For others, they’re worth a try, with the caveat that the sticky nature of Magic Spoon, and unexpected toasted flavor, are going to take some getting used to.

Would I recommend them? If you love Magic Spoon and are on the hunt for a keto-friendly snack, absolutely. Just make sure you’re ready for a snack that’s more of a homage to the cereal than a reinvention of the marshmallow treat.

Personally, I’d still rather just eat dry Magic Spoon than pay top dollar for the convenience of these bars. For me, I’d prefer to just choose my favorite Magic Spoon flavors and enjoy those as a snack, especially considering the macros are nearly identical.

Magic Spoon Treats
REVIEW: New & Improved Magic Spoon Marshmallow Treats
These Magic Spoon Treats are tasty enough to enjoy, but they are truly just Magic Spoon cereal in the shape of a bar. That is not necessarily a bad thing, but it's a bit disappointing when you expect something more Rice Krispies-like. Imagine a toasted marshmallow flavor of Magic Spoon cereal, then imagine eating it dry, and that's what you have here.
Flavor Accuracy
Overall Taste
The Good
Excellent nutritional profile
Decent size
Keto-friendly, if you're into that kind of thing
The Bad
Sticky mouth-feel like the Magic Spoon cereal has
Very expensive for snack bars
Has a very strong toasted flavor
No marshmallow-like consistency
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  1. I love magic spoond cereal but the cookies and cream bar taste like burnt tires. Just disgusting, nothing like the cereal at all. Go back to the drawning board please.

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