REVIEW: Magic Spoon Cereal Bars

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Flavors Tried: Cocoa Peanut Butter, Cookies & Cream

Price: $39 for 16 bars ($2.44 per bar)

Nutrition (for one bar): 130 Calories, 7g Fat, 17g Carbs (4g Net Carbs), 10g Protein

Magic Spoon Cereal Bars

It’s no secret that Magic Spoon is one of my favorite protein cereals out there.

If you’re unfamiliar with Magic Spoon, it’s a cereal that is grain-free, sugar-free, and keto-friendly. Personally, none of that really means a whole lot to me, but I’m interested in the cereal because each serving has around 13g of protein (depending on the flavor).

So, when Magic Spoon released their own cereal bars, you know I had to give them a try.

At the time of writing this review, Magic Spoon cereal bars come in two flavors: Cookies & Cream and Cocoa Peanut Butter.

Let’s break ’em down.

Cookies & Cream Magic Spoon Cereal Bar

If you don’t love cookies & cream flavor, you’re in luck. This bar tastes nothing like cookies & cream.

Biting into this bar reminded me of a chewy bar, which is certainly not a bad thing. Every kid on the planet has eaten and enjoyed a chewy bar before.

However, that’s not what I’m looking for in a cereal bar. I was expecting actual pieces of cereal (like those Milk N’ Cereal bars) and instead, it eats much more like a granola bar.

Flavor-wise, I got zero notes of Oreo cookie. There are chocolate pieces in this bar, but all you taste is bitter dark chocolate. If there is any “cream” flavor in this, it eluded me.

If you want to eat a chewy bar with dark chocolate chips, then you’ll be into this bar. If you want a cookies & cream flavored cereal bar… it’s going to disappoint you.

Cocoa Peanut Butter Magic Spoon Cereal Bar

Similar to the other flavor, this bar eats like a granola bar instead of a cereal bar.

However, unlike the cookies & cream flavor, this peanut butter flavor is nailed in this one.

If you’ve eaten the peanut butter flavor of Magic Spoon cereal, this definitely tastes just like it in bar form.

Did I love it? No, certainly not. But I was expecting peanut butter, and peanut butter is what I got, so I can’t be too upset about it.

The Verdict

Magic Spoon Protein Bar

I really love Magic Spoon cereal, but I’ll pass on these cereal bars.

These bars remind me of chewy bars, but with 10g of protein. That’s great and all, but at $2.50 per bar, I won’t be running out to buy these again.

Magic Spoon Protein Bar
REVIEW: Magic Spoon Cereal Bars
These cereal bars don't taste bad by any means, but they're not "cereal bars" that you're used to. Rather than use Magic Spoon cereal to turn them into bars, it seems as though they just used the same (or similar) ingredients to make low-carb chewy bars. At the high price point, I'd personally pass on these.
Flavor Accuracy
Overall Taste
The Good
Excellent nutritional profile
Large size for such low calories
Keto-friendly, if you're into that kind of thing
Pretty good flavor overall
The Bad
Not really a "cereal bar" but rather a chewy bar with more protein
Sticky mouth-feel like the Magic Spoon cereal has
Very expensive for snack bars
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I love magic spoond cereal but the cookies and cream bar taste like burnt tires. Just disgusting, nothing like the cereal at all. Go back to the drawning board please.