The Ultimate Protein Bar Comparison Tool

Welcome to the ultimate protein bar comparison table! Use the table below to browse protein bars by name, calories, macros, or my personal rating

When I first put this list together, I included the price per bar as well as the price per gram of protein. However, I quickly found that the price varies significantly based on retailer, location, and quantity, so it simply did not seem like an accurate representation of each bar.

I did include a link to purchase each bar online, so you can quickly & easily check the current price.

Each flavor of the protein bar may vary slightly in terms of macros and protein content, but you can see a photo of each bar to see which flavor was used for this comparison.

If you have a protein bar that you’d like to see added to this table, you can request it here.

WrapperProtein BarCaloriesFatTotal CarbsFiberSugarProteinPurchase LinkRating
Barebells2007173120Buy Here9.1/10
Built Bar1302.5186417Buy Here6.0/10
Quest19092212121Buy Here7.4/10
ONE2208233120Buy Here7.6/10
Alani Nu1908175516Buy Here6.7/10
Fit Crunch1908141316Buy Here7.0/10
Power Crunch20013111514Buy Here6.8/10
Kirkland19072210221Buy Here7.1/10
Bowmar Nutrition2308205520Buy Here7.5/10
Quest Hero16073010116Buy Here7.6/10
Pure Protein1907176420Buy Here7.2/10
1st Phorm Level-1 Bar26013191420Buy Here6.8/10
Perfect Bar340202731914Buy Here7.4/10
Clif Builder290112921720Buy Here
RXBAR21092351312Buy Here
Grenade Carb Killa2208207123Buy Here7.7/10
GoMacro Protein Bar GoMacro280103631411Buy Here
No Cow2004.52515122Buy Here5.4/10
KIND25018176812Buy Here
G2G300142541518Buy Here7.8/10
Fulfil1607140115Buy Here8.0/10
Anabar285112611821Buy Here7.2/10
NuGo20062521412Buy Here
PEScience Select1707213115Buy Here6.5/10
Healthy Eating on the Go2108195515Buy Here
Nick's Snack Bar19010206315Buy Here7.0/10
think!2309240020Buy Here6.8/10
Nature Valley Protein19012156710Buy Here
Zone2107211215Buy Here
MET-Rx410144232532Buy Here6.4/10
MYPROTEIN Layered Bar2209190420Buy Here
Luna Protein18062121412Buy Here
Fiber One Protein130715726Buy Here
Misfits1809159116Buy Here5.9/10
Lenny & Larry's Complete Bar1605225612Buy Here7.8/10
Dive Bar Nutrition2306308916Buy Here5.8/10
Outright Bar290152621914Buy Here6.9/10
BSN Protein Crisp2307230220Buy Here7.4/10
ALOHA240122413414Buy Here7.9/10
Balance Bar20062211715Buy Here6.3/10
SimplyProtein1708157212Buy Here
Gatorade350134122920Buy Here5.9/10
Snickers Protein22010207420Buy Here5.0/10
1UP Bar 1Up26063621018Buy Here
Barebells Vegan22010277115Buy Here6.4/10
Atkins250152311216Buy Here6.7/10
GNC1908141516Buy Here3.9/10
Redcon1 MRE Bar2609293620Buy Here
Power Bar21062541220Buy Here5.2/10
Combat Crunch2309245520Buy Here6.6/10
Optimum Protein Crisp2407240420Buy Here
ONE Plant1808218112Buy Here6.3/10
Battle Bars 21062611616Buy Here
Authentic Bar260122721815Buy Here6.5/10
Rise Bar280162141420Buy Here7.7/10
Legion24012249420Buy Here
IQBAR15012156112Buy Here
Tone It Up1605223510Buy Here
SINFIT Crunch Bar350162811830Buy Here
Detour2503255614Buy Here6.0/10
Bodybuilding.com2309205520Buy Here
Ready Clean20052871015Buy Here8.4/10
ONE Crunch1405184112Buy Here6.4/10
Cinnamon Toast Crunch2209228120Buy Here4.8/10
Built Puffs1402.5140617Buy Here6.4/10
NuSkool Krunch Bar16011137210Buy Here7.2/10
Promax29073722720Buy Here6.3/10
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