The Ultimate Protein Bar Comparison Tool

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Welcome to the ultimate protein bar comparison table! Use the table below to browse protein bars by name, calories, macros, or even price.

Price is based on what is currently available to me and may vary based on location and time, so consider those prices approximate.

This table also includes the price per gram of protein, so you can see exactly which protein bars provide the best value when it comes to hitting your protein goals.

Each flavor of the protein bar may vary slightly in terms of macros and protein content, but you can see a photo of each bar to see which flavor was used for this comparison.

If you have a protein bar that you’d like to see added to this table, you can request it here.

WrapperProtein BarCaloriesFatTotal CarbsFiberSugarProteinPrice Per BarPrice Per Gram of ProteinPurchase LinkRating
Barebells20071731202.420.12Buy Here9.0/10
Built Bar1302.51864172.500.15Buy Here6.0/10
Quest190922121212.080.10Buy Here7.4/10
ONE22082331202.080.10Buy Here7.9/10
Alani Nu19081755162.500.16Buy Here6.7/10
Fit Crunch19081413161.500.09Buy Here7.0/10
Power Crunch200131115141.750.13Buy Here7.4/10
Kirkland190722102211.380.07Buy Here
Bowmar Nutrition23082055203.000.15Buy Here
Quest Hero160730101162.250.14Buy Here8.0/10
Pure Protein19071764201.500.08Buy Here6.0/10
1st Phorm Level-1 Bar260131914202.670.13Buy Here6.8/10
Perfect Bar3402027319142.500.18Buy Here
Clif Builder2901129217202.000.10Buy Here
RXBAR210923513122.340.20Buy Here
Grenade Carb Killa22082071232.500.11Buy Here7.7/10
GoMacro Protein BarGoMacro2801036314113.000.27Buy Here
No Cow2004.525151222.500.11Buy Here
KIND250181768121.700.14Buy Here
G2G3001425415183.330.19Buy Here7.8/10
Fulfil16071401152.500.17Buy Here7.5/10
Anabar2851126118212.670.13Buy Here7.3/10
NuGo200625214121.600.13Buy Here
PEScience Select17072131152.500.17Buy Here6.5/10
Healthy Eating on the Go21081955152.580.17Buy Here
Nick's Snack Bar190102063152.170.15Buy Here8.0/10
think!23092400201.600.08Buy Here
Nature Valley Protein190121567100.670.07Buy Here
Zone21072112151.000.07Buy Here
MET-Rx4101442325323.000.09Buy Here6.1/10
MYPROTEIN Layered Bar22091904203.330.17Buy Here
Luna Protein180621214121.370.11Buy Here
Fiber One Protein1307157260.790.13Buy Here
Misfits18091591162.250.14Buy Here5.9/10
Lenny & Larry's Complete Bar16052256121.560.13Buy Here8.1/10
Dive Bar Nutrition23063089162.670.17Buy Here5.8/10
Outright Bar2901526219142.50.18Buy Here6.9/10
BSN Protein Crisp23072302202.330.12Buy Here
ALOHA2401224134141.550.11Buy Here7.2/10
Balance Bar200622117151.000.07Buy Here6.3/10
SimplyProtein17081572121.630.14Buy Here
Gatorade3501341229201.420.07Buy Here5.9/10
Snickers Protein220102074202.080.17Buy Here5.0/10
1UP Bar1Up260636210183.830.21Buy Here
Barebells Vegan220102771152.420.16Buy Here6.4/10
Atkins2501523112161.500.09Buy Here
GNC19081415162.600.16Buy Here4.5/10
Redcon1 MRE Bar26092936203.330.17Buy Here
Power Bar210625412202.670.13Buy Here5.2/10
Combat Crunch23092455202.920.15Buy Here
Optimum Protein Crisp24072404202.080.10Buy Here
ONE Plant18082181122.500.21Buy Here6.3/10
Battle Bars 210626116163.00.19Buy Here
Authentic Bar2601227218152.500.17Buy Here6.5/10
Rise Bar2801621414202.420.12Buy Here
Legion240122494203.330.17Buy Here
IQBAR150121561122.00.17Buy Here
Tone It Up16052235102.00.20Buy Here
SINFIT Crunch Bar3501628118302.500.08Buy Here
Detour25032556142.330.17Buy Here6.0/10
Bodybuilding.com23092055202.330.12Buy Here
Ready Clean200528710151.200.08Buy Here8.4/10
ONE Crunch14051841122.170.18Buy Here7.9/10
Cinnamon Toast Crunch220922812020.10Buy Here4.8/10
Built Puffs1402.51406172.50.15Buy Here6.4/10