REVIEW: Eat Me Guilt Free Protein Brownies

Flavors Tried: Chocolate, Tuxedo, Red Velvet, Blondie, Birthday Cake

Price: $36.99 for 12 pack ($3.08 per brownie)

Nutrition: 186 Calories, 10g Fat, 10g Carbs (4g Fiber & 6g Sugar), 14g Protein

Eat Me Guilt Free Brownie Flavors

Many years ago I gave Eat Me Guilt Free brownies a try, but to be completely honest, it was so long ago that I don’t even remember whether or not I liked them.

They didn’t make a lasting impact on me, so I know I didn’t love them, but they’ve undergone some changes since then, so I was happy to give them another try.

I absolutely love brownies, but protein brownies are really hard to come by. Since authentic brownies are mostly butter and sugar, it’s tough to infuse a lot of protein into a recipe like that and not get a really cakey result.

Will Eat Me Guilt Free be able to stand out amongst all of the dry protein brownies out there? We’re about to find out.

Nutritionally, Eat Me Guilt Free brownies are on par with other options I’ve seen. Each flavor has around 185 calories with 14 grams of protein. The protein isn’t insanely high, but with baked goods like protein brownies or protein cookies, you have to expect lower protein than a typical protein bar.

Eat Me Guilt Free offers a few other flavors that I didn’t try for this review, but five different flavors should give us a solid idea of the product.

Chocolate Brownie Review

Eat Me Guilt Free Chocolate Brownie

The first thing you notice when you open these brownies is how huge they are. Based on the photo, I was expecting a pretty typical brownie, but they seriously undersold it.

This chocolate brownie is thick and massive. Because of this, I was worried that it’d be dry, but it’s actually quite moist.

The problem is that it’s extremely cakey. If you had put this in front of me (unwrapped) and said it was a slice of chocolate cake, I’d believe you.

It definitely has the flavor of chocolate cake, but there was a bit of a strange aftertaste with this one. I’ll take moist with a slight aftertaste over a dry brownie any day, but this wasn’t my favorite.

Tuxedo Brownie Review

Tuxedo Brownie

On looks alone, this tuxedo brownie seems identical to the regular chocolate brownie.

According to the product photo, there were supposed to be white chocolate chips in this one, but there wasn’t a single chip in mine. There are craters in the brownie as if the chocolate chips possibly melted into the brownie during shipping, but that was a bit disappointing.

All of that being said, this is a better version of the chocolate brownie. Maybe it’s because the white chocolate melted and gave this some extra flavor, but this flavor tastes like a decadent chocolate cake.

I still wouldn’t necessarily call this a brownie, but if you love moist chocolate cake, you’ll absolutely love the flavor of this one.

Red Velvet Brownie Review

Eat me guilt free red velvet

Like the other flavors, red velvet is much more cake than it is a brownie, but it’s delicious.

Whereas the chocolate brownie had an aftertaste, there is no strange aftertaste at all with the red velvet.

If you made a moist, tender, red velvet cake, that’s pretty much exactly what this tastes like.

I wish it were more brownie-like in texture, but I can’t complain about the flavor.

Blondie Review

Eat Me Guilt Free Blondie

On smell alone, this blondie blew me away. One of my weaknesses is cake-scented candles, and the smell of this blondie reminds me of exactly that.

Luckily this doesn’t taste like a candle… it tastes like a delicious vanilla cake. I immediately went back and finished this one after taking the initial photo.

I happen to love vanilla cake, so this was absolutely delicious to me. The problem is that a blondie is essentially a chocolate chip cookie that is shaped into a thick square, and that’s not at all what this is.

Blondies are meant to be dense and chewy, much like brownies, and shouldn’t be overly cakey.

If these Eat Me Guilt Free blondies were marketed as vanilla cake, they’d be a 9/10. Seriously, I enjoyed the flavor and texture of the moist cake that much. But as actual blondies, they miss the mark.

Birthday Cake Review

Eat me Guilt Free birthday cake

Just like the blondie, this birthday cake is really darn good.

In fact, if you put this side-by-side with a square of Funfetti birthday cake, you might not even know the difference. To me, it tastes just like Funfetti cake, which was always one of my favorites growing up.

It smells like a delicious cake, and there is no protein flavor or artificial aftertaste.

If you go in with the expectation that this tastes like birthday cake, you won’t be disappointed. But if you’re after a birthday cake blondie, you won’t love it.

Eat Me Guilt Free Brownies: Overall Thoughts

Eat Me Guilt Free Brownies

It’s safe to say that Eat Me Guilt Free brownies eat more like cake than brownies across the board.

If you’re a fan of dense & chewy brownies, that’s probably disappointing to hear, but if you’re a fan of cakey brownies, there’s no denying that the flavor of these brownies is really darn good.

While the regular chocolate didn’t blow me away, the rest of them were very accurate to what I’d hoped. If you told me that the blondie was regular vanilla cake, and the birthday cake was a square of Funfetti cake, I wouldn’t question it.

Reviews like this are always tough for me because I thoroughly enjoy the product, but it doesn’t live up to the expectation of what it should be. If you’re going to try these brownies, go in with the mindset that you’re going to be eating cake squares.

If you have that expectation, these are really delicious. But if you’re expecting dense & chewy brownies, they will not blow you away.

Eat Me Guilt Free Brownies
REVIEW: Eat Me Guilt Free Protein Brownies
These brownies taste damn good (blondie is my favorite), but in terms of texture, they are cake squares. If they were sold as protein cake instead of brownies, I'd actually love them. But as brownies, they unfortunate miss the mark.
Flavor Accuracy
Overall Taste
The Good
Large size
Moist & not dry
The Bad
Not a brownie texture- much more like a square of cake
Mix-ins shown in the photos weren't in the brownies
Give 'Em A Try
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