REVIEW: Fulfil Protein Bars

Flavored Tried: Chocolate Hazelnut, Chocolate Salted Caramel

Price: $21.99 for 12 bars on Amazon ($1.80 per protein bar)

Nutrition (for chocolate hazelnut): 160 Calories, 7g Fat, 14g Carbs (3g Net Carbs), 15g Protein

Fulfil protein bars have been around for a long time, but they just recently made their way into the US market.

As an avid protein bar consumer, I had been seeing Fulfil bars in the UK for a few years before I saw them start popping up in stores recently.

Now, you can find Fulfil bars at Vitamin Shoppe, Walmart, Trader Joe’s, you name it.

I bought these bars from Trader Joe’s, which currently carries two different flavors, so those are the flavors I will be reviewing here. Fulfil also has a chocolate peanut butter bar, as well as a chocolate peanut caramel bar, which I have not yet tried.

Chocolate Hazelnut Fulfil Bar

At first glance, the chocolate hazelnut Fulfil bar is definitely packed with hazelnut pieces.

Looking at the exterior, I fully expected this bar to be yet another dense & chewy protein bar (what we like to call “Quest bar chewy”) so I was pleasantly surprised by the interior of the bar…

Not only is this protein bar jam-packed with hazelnut pieces, but the top layer of chocolate is incredibly soft, almost resembling fudge.

The “nougat” layer very much resembles that of a very standard protein bar, but the layers that sit on top of it transform this protein bar into something insanely good.

It’s rare that I bite into a protein bar and immediately know that I love it, but that’s exactly what happened here.

Overall, the combination of chocolate and hazelnut definitely gave me some Nutella vibes, which is something that’s usually missing in anything hazelnut flavored (like Nick’s ice cream).

All in all, this bar is absolutely delicious, and any criticism I have is truly just nitpicking.

Chocolate Salted Caramel Fulfil Bar

When I opened up this chocolate salted caramel protein bar, it immediately reminded me of Barebells “Creamy Crisp” protein bar (which I absolutely love).

The exterior of this bar is loaded up with Rice Krispies, leading me to believe that this bar is going to have an amazing Crunch Bar-like texture.

Considering this bar is salted caramel, you’d hope that the interior would feature a nice caramel layer, right?

Unfortunately, that’s where this bar really misses, in my opinion.

As you can see in the photo, there is a slight caramel layer, but I can’t really call that caramel.

In terms of flavor, I really don’t get any caramel taste, and definitely not the salted aspect. I love the combination of salty & sweet in salted caramel flavor, but those flavors don’t come through in this bar.

I’d have loved there to be an actual caramel layer in this bar, not just for the texture, but for the actual caramel flavor as well.

With all of that being said, I actually really enjoyed this bar. If it weren’t for the fact that this is supposed to taste like salted caramel, this one would be a real winner for me.

If Fulfil rebranded this bar and named it “Nougaty Crunch Bar” or something similar, I’d absolutely love it.

The interior is soft and fluffy, and the crispies on the outside add a great crunch to the bar, making this eat very much like a candy bar.

If you’re after salted caramel flavor, this bar will fall short, but it’s still a very delicious protein bar overall.

Fulfil protein bars: final thoughts

Fulfil protein bars

Fulfil bars remind me a ton of Barebells protein bars, so if you like those bars (Trader Joe’s also carries them), then you’ll love Fulfil bars too.

These bars are slightly smaller than most bars out there, so you’re getting 15g of protein to the usual 20g of protein in most protein bars, but many people will love the smaller snack size.

Barebells protein bars are firmly in my top 3 protein bars out there, so Fulfil may very well end up at the top of my list considering how similar they are.

The flavor accuracy (or lack thereof) of the salted caramel flavor is really the only true negative I have here. Other than that, these are as good as you’ll find for a protein bar!

If you’re after a protein bar that can satisfy your sweet tooth and that eats like a candy bar, Fulfil bars are the answer.

Fulfil protein bars
REVIEW: Fulfil Protein Bars
Overall, Fulfil bars are as close to a true candy bar as I've found. Sure, the base of them definitely tastes like a protein bar, but I'd gladly eat these to satisfy my sweet tooth.
Flavor Accuracy
Overall Taste
The Good
Great texture
Tastes like a candy bar with no artificial taste
Smaller size means fewer calories than most bars
The Bad
Flavors not as accurate as other bars
Slightly lower protein due to smaller size
Give It a Try