REVIEW: Lenny & Larry’s Protein Bars (The Complete Cookie-fied Bar)

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Flavors Tried: Cookies & Creme, Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip

Price: $14 for 9 bars on Amazon ($1.50 per bar)

Nutrition: 160 Calories, 5g Fat, 22g Carbs (5g Fiber & 6g Sugar), 12g Protein

I’m not a fan of Lenny & Larry’s products. I’m sure Lenny & Larry are great guys, but to me, their cookies are incredibly mediocre.

So when I came across these protein bars, I was naturally very skeptical. I would not have opted to buy these had it not been for this blog, so you are welcome.

Considering I already know that I do not like The Complete Cookie, the odds were against me that I would enjoy The Complete Cookie-fied Bar.

In my mind, that just meant that I was going to be eating a Complete Cookie in the shape of a bar. Gee, fun.

One of my biggest issues with Lenny & Larry’s cookies is that they advertise them as high-protein, and yet the protein content is not very impressive at all. The Complete Cookie has over 400 calories and only 16g of protein, which is a pretty terrible ratio.

Luckily, these bars are much more impressive. At 160-180 calories and 12g of protein, that is a MUCH better ratio.

But they can’t actually taste good… right?

Lenny & Larry’s Cookies & Creme Bar

Lenny & Larry's Cookies & Creme Bar

Upon opening the package, I was really surprised by the look of this bar. I thought that this protein bar would like dry and crumbly (like the cookies) but it is clearly a soft & chewy bar.

There are crunchy pieces packed throughout the bar, which I didn’t realize were small crunchy cookie pieces. I guess that’s what makes these bars “cookie-fied.”

The smell of the cookies & creme bar is unreal. It smells exactly like you’d want something cookies & cream flavored to smell. If I could bottle it up into a candle, I absolutely would.

Bite of cookies & creme bar

Biting into this bar was one of the most surprising moments of my life.

It was actually delicious. Like… really delicious.

The bar is very soft and has a very distinct Oreo cookie flavor. The combination of crunchy cookie pieces and white chocolate chips packed throughout the bar compliment the soft dark chocolatey bar perfectly.

Since this is a plant-based protein bar, I thought for sure that it would not only be dense & dry, but would also have a distinct “earthy” flavor to it as most plant-based products tend to have.

That’s not the case at all here. I would never have known this was plant-based, which is a huge win in my book.

Lenny & Larry’s Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Bar

Peanut Butter chocolate chip bar

Since I had 2 flavors of these protein bars to try, I thought that one of the flavors would fall short.

But, just like the cookies & creme flavor, the peanut butter chocolate chip delivers.

The bar is pretty dense, yet somehow still very soft and delicate. By looking at it, it looks to be made of mostly peanut butter, so you’d think there was a ton of fat in this bar. But, the whole bar only has 8g of fat!

If you’re a peanut butter lover, there’s no reason you wouldn’t love this protein bar. The bar itself is nice and soft and tastes just like quality peanut butter. The addition of the crunchy cookie pieces and dark chocolate chips really help take this over the top.

With absolutely no earthy flavor from the plant-based protein used, this bar was another winner.

Lenny & Larry’s Complete Cookie-fied Bars: Overall Thoughts

Complete cookie-fied bars

I am absolutely shocked by how much I enjoyed these protein bars. I’ve never met a Lenny & Larry’s product I liked, but that is now officially changed.

In fact, these are one of the better-tasting snack bars I’ve ever had. I cannot believe I’m admitting that.

The one major downside to these bars is that they contain only 12g of protein, which is on the low end compared to other protein bars out there. But, considering these are plant-based AND taste amazing, that’s a price I’m willing to pay.

These bars check pretty much every single box: soft, delicious, plant-based, gluten-free, low-calorie, not insanely expensive… the only way these will disappoint you is if you want something insanely high in protein, or you need something sugar-free or keto-friendly.

Otherwise, I think you’ll love these.

Lenny & Larry's Complete Bar
REVIEW: Lenny & Larry’s Protein Bars (The Complete Cookie-fied Bar)
I strongly dislike Lenny & Larry's Complete Cookie, so I thought I'd hate these bars. To my surprise, these are actually a delicious snack option. Plant-based or not, I recommend trying these.
Flavor Accuracy
Overall Taste
The Good
Flavors are exactly what you'd want them to be
You cannot tell these are plant-based (flavor-wise)
Soft and chewy texture
Generous size for under 200 calories
The Bad
Lower in protein compared to many other protein bars
Not a sugar-free/keto-friendly option
Give It a Try
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