REVIEW: Lenny & Larry’s The Boss Protein Cookies

Flavors Tried: Chocolate Chip & Peanut Butter

Price: $21 for box of 12 ($1.75 per cookie)

Nutrition: 250 Calories, 13g Fat, 20g Carbs (6g Fiber, 1g Sugar), 16g Protein

*This review is based on the original formula from 2021, not the “new & improved” formula.

As someone who has had a bit of a complicated relationship with Lenny & Larry’s protein cookies in the past, I was hopeful that these new protein cookies would be an improvement on their classic Complete Cookies.

I’ve been in the fitness world for a long time now, so I’ve seen Lenny & Larry’s Complete Cookies just about everywhere as people’s favorite protein cookie. However, each cookie contains over 400 calories and only 16g of protein, which makes it a pretty awful source of protein.

Plus, to be completely honest, I really do not enjoy the taste of them.

Holding The Boss Cookie

Now “The Boss!” cookies have come along, which are actual protein cookies, so I was hoping for an improvement.

Even though my expectations for these cookies were very low, they became even lower when I first opened the package and was immediately hit with the smell of chemicals. Not a great start…

Nutrition breakdown

When The Boss cookies launched in 2021, they contained 220 calories & 18 grams of protein, making them a pretty solid option.

However, Lenny & Larry’s has since tweaked the formula a bit, and now these protein cookies contain 250 calories and just 16 grams of protein.

While that’s still a decent amount of protein, that’s certainly less appealing. When I reviewed these cookies, just note that it was based on the original formula, so I can’t say for certain if the new formula is truly an improvement or not.

Curious how these cookies stack up against other Lenny & Larry’s cookies? Well, good news! I’ve got an infographic for that.

The Boss protein cookie review

The Boss cookie texture

And, at first glance, the cookies were exactly what I was expecting.

The cookie was very glossy and dense, which seems to be the case with most protein cookies. However, I will admit that the chocolate & peanut butter chunks in each cookie were very pleasant (and plentiful).

But when I took a bite, things started to go downhill really fast.

The peanut butter and chocolate chunks tasted like they were supposed to, but the cookie itself was very bland. It wasn’t quite as dry as the Complete Cookies, which was a plus, but it still wasn’t anything special.

In terms of flavor, I’d consider these to be a slightly worse version of The Complete Cookies, which I suppose is to be expected considering the extra protein and lack of sugar in The Boss Cookies.

Overall, I have to say that I was pretty disappointed with Lenny & Larry’s “The Boss” protein cookies, but they’re pretty much exactly what I was expecting.

While they did have more protein and fewer calories than the Complete Cookies, they just didn’t taste all that great. I was hoping that they would be a step up from the Complete Cookies, but they just didn’t quite measure up.

And while I’m always open to giving a product another chance, I’m not sure if I’ll be buying these again anytime soon to try the “new and improved” formula.

It looks like my search for a protein cookie that tastes like an actual cookie will continue.

The Boss Protein Cookies
REVIEW: Lenny & Larry’s The Boss Protein Cookies
If you enjoy Lenny & Larry's Complete Cookies, then you may like these cookies, especially considering they are higher in protein. However, if you want a protein cookie that actually tastes like a cookie, these won't do it for you.
Flavor Accuracy
Overall Taste
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The Good
Decent sized chunks in every cookie
A good amount of protein
The Bad
Very dry and bland
Tastes like a generic protein bar but in a cookie shape
Not plant-based like The Complete Cookies
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