REVIEW: Mr. Tortilla Keto-Friendly Tortillas

Type Tried: 2 Net Carb Tortillas

Price: $11.99 for pack of 12 ($1 per tortilla)

Nutrition for 1 large tortilla: 35 Calories, 1g Fat, 6g Carbs (4g Fiber), 3g Protein

Mr. Tortilla Keto Tortillas

Mr. Tortilla is a very highly-rated tortilla, so I had to give it a try. In fact, they are the top-selling tortilla on Amazon with over 10,000 positive reviews. That is according to their website, anyway.

Technically speaking, this is not a high-protein treat. Each tortilla contains only 3 grams of protein, but considering each is only 35 calories, that’s a very solid ratio. If you have 3 tortillas, you’re looking at around 100 calories and 9g of protein, which is definitely high-protein in my book.

Keto-friendly tortillas are nothing new. Whenever you go to the store, you likely see a whole bunch of “Carb Balance” Mission tortillas or comparable brands.

The problem with those tortillas, in my opinion, is that they have way too much fiber.

For example, the Mission Carb Balance fajita tortillas contain 15 grams of fiber each. I don’t know about you, but I’m not eating just one tortilla with my meal. So, after 3 tortillas and 45g of fiber, I don’t think my stomach will be too thrilled with me.

That’s why these Mr. Tortilla low-carb tortillas are so appealing…

Mr. Tortilla Nutrition Facts

With just 35 calories and 4 grams of fiber, you can easily eat multiple tortillas without totally destroying your insides.

Mr. Tortilla has a few different sizes of their low-carb tortillas, but I went with the “2 net carb” tortillas.

Many people go for the 1 carb tortillas, not only because they contain just a single net carb, but because they’re only 15 calories each. Problem is, they are super tiny, so I decided to go with the 2 net carb tortillas to enjoy tortillas that are slightly larger.

Here’s how the tortilla stacks up against others I had in my pantry:

Tortilla Size comparison

The Mr. Tortilla 2 net carb tortilla is the smallest of the three. All the way to the left we have a corn tortilla, and on the right, we have a flour tortilla.

All-in-all, the size is decent, and it compares to any taco tortilla out there.

The major difference in the tortilla is just how thin these low-carb tortillas are.

Thin tortilla

Yes, tortillas are generally pretty thin, but these keto-friendly tortillas are paper-thin. But hey, for 35 calories, that’s probably what you should expect.

Now, all of that being said, how do these tortillas taste?

Bite of tortilla

The good news is that these tortillas are not super chewy, which tends to be the case with a lot of keto options out there.

There’s a slight chew to them, and I’d describe the texture as a cross between a corn & flour tortilla. They’re not as soft as flour tortillas, but not nearly as tough as a raw corn tortilla, either.

When I tried the tortilla plain, I was unimpressed with the flavor. When it comes to flour tortillas, I could easily tear them apart and enjoy them as-is, but I find the Mr. Tortilla tortillas to be rather bland.

But since most people aren’t just eating plain tortillas, I decided to see how these low-carb tortillas would toast up, and how they’d hold up for tacos.

Toasting Mr. Tortilla

One of my favorite parts of heating up tortillas is watching them bubble up, but you don’t get too much of that with these low-carb tortillas. There was a small amount of bubbling when you toast them up, but it didn’t really add much.

Once toasted, the consistency didn’t really change all that much. Unlike flour tortillas that toast up and get a nice crunch to them, these ended up eating the same as when I tried them plain out of the package.

I’m sure if you throw these in the air fryer or bake them for a long time that they’d crisp up plenty, but pan-frying them didn’t make a big difference.

The edges crisped up slightly, but they were otherwise still pretty soft.

Still, they hold up extremely well compared to a regular tortilla. Whether it’s tacos, quesadillas, or burritos, they can hold up.

Mr Tortilla Taco

I don’t love the overall flavor (or lack thereof), but as a low-calorie and low-carb alternative to regular tortillas, these are very appealing.

Personally, I am not keto, so I can still enjoy regular tortillas. But if I couldn’t, I’d be all about these tortillas.

I do think I enjoy the taste and texture of the Mission Carb Balance tortillas a bit more, but I don’t love the insane amounts of fiber in those.

With Mr. Tortilla, I can have 3 tacos for 105 calories and 9 grams of protein, which is very impressive.

If your dietary needs dictate a low-carb tortilla and you don’t want to buy other tortillas that are loaded with tons of fiber, then this could be a great option for you.

For me, I won’t be buying them on a regular basis. But if I were keto, I’d be all about these.

Mr. Tortilla Keto Tortillas
REVIEW: Mr. Tortilla Keto-Friendly Tortillas
If you're on a keto diet, I can really see the appeal of these tortillas. As a low carb, or just low calorie, alternative to regular tortillas, they hold up great. They're a bit thin and bland compared to regular tortillas, but they get the job done.
Resemble a Real Tortilla?
Overall Taste
The Good
Only 35 calories per tortilla
Eats like a corn tortilla
Not insanely high in fiber like many other keto options
The Bad
Very little flavor
Extremely thin
Give 'Em A Try
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