REVIEW: NuSkool Krunch Bars

Flavors Tried: French Toast, Strawberry Swirl, Lemon Cookie

Price: $35 for 12 ($2.92 per bar)

Nutrition: 160 Calories, 11g Fat, 13g Carbs (7g Fiber & 2g Sugar), 10g Protein

NuSkool Bars

NuSkool Krunch Bars kept hitting me with targeted ads on Instagram, so I finally caved and decided to give them a try.

They were running a promo on a free variety pack if you pay for shipping. I’m not sure if it’s still running, but be sure to check out their site just in case.

It just so happens that Tim Tebow is one of my favorite athletes of all time, and since he’s behind this brand, I was pretty easily suckered into trying it.

NuSkool Krunch Bars are new to the protein bar game, so you may not have heard of them yet. If I had to describe them, I’d say they are more of a “health food” bar than they are a traditional protein bar like Quest Bars or Barebells.

The bars do contain 10 grams of protein, so they qualify as protein bars, but they are mostly marketed as an all-around healthy option.

NuSkool Krunch Bars are keto-friendly, gluten-free, plant-based, low-calorie, high-fiber, and contain minimal ingredients.

So, they basically check every single box. But the box we care about around here is taste, so let’s dive in.

French Toast NuSkool Krunch Bar Review

NuSkool Krunch Bar review

All of the Krunch Bars have the same overall texture, and I really enjoy it.

Unlike most protein bars that are very chewy, Krunch Bars are nice and soft with a pleasant crunch. They are a tiny bit chewy due to the fiber, but far less chewy than other bars out there.

The scent of the French toast flavor is amazing, and you smell both the cinnamon and the maple syrup.

NuSkool totally knocked the flavor of this one out of the park, too. Not only do you smell the cinnamon and maple, but those are the two flavors that really come through here.

Being plant-based, there is a slight Earthy flavor that you taste in this bar, but it’s not enough to make it unpleasant.

Based on the flavor and texture of this one, I’m a fan!

Strawberry Swirl NuSkool Krunch Bar

Strawberry swirl nuskool

I was excited to dive into this strawberry swirl Krunch Bar, but this one misses the mark for me.

Yes, you taste strawberry, but there’s no cream flavor to pair it with, which is something I was hoping for with this one based on the packaging.

Even still, this particular flavor has a very strong Earthy taste to it. Whereas the French toast flavor mostly masked that, it really comes through in this bar.

Because of this, I found this flavor to have an unpleasant & bitter aftertaste that ended up making this flavor disappointing.

Lemon Cookie NuSkool Krunch Bars

NuSkool lemon cookie

If you love all things lemon, this is the bar for you.

When you open this bar, you’re punched in the face by a very strong citrus scent, and biting into the bar tells the same story.

The flavor is very strong of lemon, which works very well to mask any Earthiness you’d otherwise taste in these bars.

Since the base of these bars is soft and slightly crunchy, it ends up pairing together perfectly with this flavor to create a true lemon cookie experience.

Personally, I don’t particularly love lemon flavor, but I thoroughly enjoy this protein bar.

Overall Thoughts: NuSkool Krunch Bars

NuSkool Krunch Bars

As a new protein bar, I hope NuSkool sticks around.

I’ve been eating protein bars long enough to know that companies continuously improve their bars over time (I’m looking at you, Quest), so I know that NuSkool can continue to tweak these bars and create something really great.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy these bars overall. The almond butter base gives them a soft consistency, similar to Perfect Bars or G2G Bars, and the crunchy pieces inside the bar make this feel much more like a satisfying snack.

I really enjoyed 2 out of the 3 flavors I tried, but you can definitely taste a bit of Earthiness in the bars. Some flavors mask that better than others, but I’d love to see NuSkool somehow mask that in future versions of their bars.

Since these bars are pretty small, it’s not surprising that the protein is low, but the 10 grams of protein is really holding these back for me. They are a tasty snack, but as a protein bar, it’s definitely on the lower end of the protein scale.

Still, if you want a bar with minimal ingredients that checks most of the boxes for your dietary needs, these are definitely worth a try.

If I come across the other flavors they offer, I’ll definitely give them a try, but I’ll be holding out hope that they release a higher-protein bar down the line.

NuSkool Bars
REVIEW: NuSkool Krunch Bars
NuSkool Krunch bars won't blow you away, but as a plant-based low carb bar with minimal ingredients, they're a great option in the "clean" bar space. I do wish they were bigger, but they're a solid snack for anyone needing a low-carb option that's different from traditional protein bars.
Flavor Accuracy
Overall Taste
The Good
Great soft texture with crunchy pieces throughout
Good flavor overall
Checks most boxes (keto-friendly, plant-based, gluten-free, etc)
The Bad
Has an "Earthy" taste from the plant-based protein
Bars are very small
Lower in protein than most protein bars
Give 'Em A Try
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