REVIEW: ONE Coffee Shop Caffeinated Protein Bars

Flavors Tried: Vanilla Latte & Caramel Macchiato

Price: $34.99 for 12 ($2.90 per bar)

Nutrition: 220 Calories, 8g Fat, 24g Carbs (6g Fiber, 1g Sugar), 20g Protein

ONE Coffee Shop protein bars are ONE’s newest line of protein bars, and as a coffee lover, I am excited about these bars.

If you’ve never had ONE protein bars before, you can see my full flavor ranking here, but just know that I really enjoy these bars.

There are certainly ONE bar flavors that I absolutely love, like Strawberry Shortcake, and others that I find to be very artificial tasting, like Cookie Dough, so I wasn’t sure where these would slot in.

The Coffee Shop line of protein bars currently has two flavors: vanilla latte and caramel macchiato. Each bar contains 65mg of caffeine, which is not a ton, but enough to give you a little extra boost.

As someone who wakes up very early in the morning to workout, having a protein bar with a little bit of caffeine is actually extremely helpful.

Of course, caffeine + protein also makes for a great afternoon snack when you start crashing, too.

ONE coffee shop nutrition facts

Outside of the addition of caffeine, the ONE Coffee Shop bars are pretty much on-par with the rest of the ONE protein bars.

Each bar ends up being right around 200 calories with 20 grams of protein- the industry standard for protein bars.

These coffee shop bars also contain 6 grams of fiber, which is lower than the likes of Quest bars, but still a solid amount. When protein bars have a ton of fiber, I find that it really messes with my stomach by the end of the day, so anything under 10 grams is ideal for me.

OK fellow coffee lovers, time to dive in.

ONE Coffee Shop Vanilla Latte Review

The vanilla latte ONE Coffee Shop bar smells very much like the birthday cake ONE bar. You don’t really smell any coffee, rather just a strong smell of vanilla. It’s pleasant, but not what I was expecting in a latte-flavored bar.

Biting into this bar was way better than the other ONE protein bars I’ve had. ONE protein bars seem to be pretty inconsistent and can sometimes be a little chewy, but this vanilla latte bar was extremely soft.

In fact, it was definitely the softest ONE bar I’ve ever had.

There are also a bunch of crunchy pieces throughout the bar, and I really liked the combination of textures between the soft interior & crunchy pieces.

It seems like ONE took some elements of the ONE Crunch Bars and inserted them into these bars, and I’m not mad about it.

In terms of flavor, I didn’t taste a ton of coffee when I initially tried this bar (if you watch my video review, you’ll see that I thought the bar was mostly just vanilla), but after eating quite a few of these bars, I can definitely taste the coffee flavor.

The vanilla flavor is actually delicious, and this bar tastes like a better version of the birthday cake ONE bar with some coffee added to it.

I would say that the flavor is mostly vanilla, but there’s enough coffee flavor in it that you can absolutely tell what they are going for.

That being said, it’s a great vanilla flavor. If this were just a regular ONE bar, it would be one of my favorite ONE bar flavors for sure.

ONE Coffee Shop Caramel Macchiato Review

Whatever the vanilla latte flavor did wrong in terms of flavor, the caramel macchiato got right.

The scent of this bar reminds me very much of flavored coffee beans- if you have ever purchase (or just smelled at the grocery store) a bag of caramel-flavored coffee, that’s exactly what this bar smells like.

It reminds me a lot of that caramel macchiato Dunkin’ cereal, which was actually one of my favorite cereals ever, but for some crazy reason was discontinued.

When you bite into this bar, it’s not quite as soft as the vanilla latte bar, but it’s still very soft and not at all chewy. The crunchy pieces in this bar are really pleasant, and I must say that I am a huge fan of the texture of these protein bars overall.

The flavor is exactly what you’d hope for- you taste caramel and you taste coffee, and there’s no strange artificial flavor at all.

The coffee flavor isn’t insanely strong, but the coffee flavor is not insanely strong in a macchiato, either, so that’s to be expected.

This truly reminds me of caramel-flavored coffee, both in terms of scent AND flavor.

ONE Coffee Shop Protein Bars: Overall Thoughts

ONE coffee shop protein bars

Most coffee-flavored products end up disappointing me, but these ONE Coffee Shop protein bars knock it out of the park.

The vanilla latte flavor may be disappointing to you if you want a really strong coffee flavor, but it’s a delicious protein bar with a really pleasing texture.

If you love vanilla, it’s absolutely worth trying, because it’s truly one of the better vanilla protein bars I’ve tried, and you can still taste a hint of the coffee.

The caramel macchiato bar much more closely resembles the flavor it says, and you do taste the coffee much more in that bar in my opinion.

Both bars are soft, not overly chewy, and have crunchy pieces throughout that really elevate the overall texture.

If these bars were part of the regular ONE bar lineup, they’d both be towards the top of the list for me. Plus, the extra boost of caffeine is a bonus in my eyes.

REVIEW: ONE Coffee Shop Caffeinated Protein Bars
If you need a great preworkout snack or mid-day pick-me-up, ONE Coffee Shop bars are a really solid option. The flavors themselves are some of my favorite ONE bar flavors, and the overall texture is even an improvement over the original bars.
Flavor Accuracy
Overall Taste
The Good
Soft texture with crunchy pieces throughout
No artificial taste
Added caffeine for an extra boost
Delicious flavors
The Bad
Coffee flavor is not super strong (may be a good thing for some)
Added caffeine makes this less ideal as a post-workout snack
Give 'Em A Try
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