REVIEW: Promax Protein Bars

Flavors Tried: Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough & Double Fudge Brownie

Price: $19.99 for box of 12 ($1.67 per bar)

Nutrition: 290 Calories, 7g Fat, 37g Carbs (2g Fiber, 27g Sugar), 20g Protein

Promax protein bar

Promax protein bars have been staring me in the eyes for months, and I decided to finally bite the bullet and give them a try.

It’s not that I had heard horrible things about Promax protein bars, its that my local grocery store had them on some kind of sale every single time I would go.

Maybe that’s just a very smart sales tactic. But for me, that’s a major red flag that the bars aren’t selling well.

Nonetheless, I grabbed two flavors: chocolate chip cookie dough, and double fudge brownie.

Promax nutrition facts

As far as the nutrition facts are concerned, Promax bars are not extremely impressive. At 290 calories, they’re one of the higher calorie bars out there, and 27 grams of sugar is significantly higher than most other protein bars.

To be fair, higher calories or higher sugar isn’t always a bad thing. I found Anabar to be a pretty solid protein bar, and those have nearly 300 calories and about 20 grams of sugar each.

Personally, I don’t mind sugar. I know that most people are looking for low-sugar or sugar-free protein bar options these days, but if a delicious bar comes across that happens to contain a fair amount of sugar, that would be a great post-workout snack for me.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Promax Bars

cookie dough promax bars

I was expecting a dense and chewy protein bar, so I was really surprised to find that the Promax bar easily broke apart to reveal a soft interior.

In fact, the interior reminds me of actual cookie dough, which is extremely rare to find in protein bars.

The flavor itself is a little bit less exciting than the texture. You can totally tell that the flavor is cookie dough, but it has that generic protein bar taste that you’ve all definitely experienced before.

I’ve absolutely had worse protein bars, and I’d consider the flavor to be slightly above average, but it doesn’t make me want to run out and buy more. With so much sugar in each bar, you’d hope that the flavor would be better than just slightly above average.

All in all, I happily finished this protein bar, but it’s nothing to write home about.

Double Fudge Brownie Promax Bars

Fudge Brownie Promax Bars

Breaking open this bar, I couldn’t help but get excited by the texture. The flavor “double fudge brownie” certainly rings true in this one, and you can actually see the multiple fudgy layers in this bar.

If this bar had been as soft as the cookie dough bar, it would be a real winner, but this Promax bar was significantly more dense and chewy than the previous flavor. Because of this, the bar ends up eating like any other generic protein bar out there.

In terms of flavor, you can definitely identify brownie flavor vs. just standard chocolate, but it does leave you with a bit of an aftertaste.

Had this bar been as soft as the cookie dough bar, I’d have been more excited about it overall. But as it stands, it’s just an average protein bar

Promax Protein Bars: Overall Thoughts

Promax protein bars

I’d consider these protein bars to be just a notch above average, which is not necessarily a bad thing.

Considering these are a relatively cheap option, it makes the average taste much more tolerable. If these protein bars were $3 each like some options out there, it would be a hard pass from me. But for under $2 per bar, you could definitely do worse.

These won’t become your new favorite bar, but as a post-workout snack or a road trip snack in a pinch, they get the job done.

Promax protein bars
REVIEW: Promax Protein Bars
To be perfectly honest, I thought these bars were going to be much worse than they are, so that's a positive. Considering Promax bars are higher in calories, and much higher in sugar than most protein bars, you'd hope that the taste would blow you away, but they're pretty middle-of-the-road.
Flavor Accuracy
Overall Taste
The Good
Soft interior
Large bar
Tasty chocolate coating
The Bad
Very high in sugar
Has a generic protein bar taste to it
Give 'Em A Try
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