REVIEW: Woo Bars (Plant-Based Candy Bars)

Flavors Tried: Salty Peanut Bar

Price: $40.35 for a box of 15 ($2.69 per bar)

Nutrition: 200 Calories, 10g Fat, 23g Carbs (8g Fiber & 9g Sugar), 8g Protein

Woo Bars are a new healthier spin on classic candy bars. These aren’t necessarily protein bars, but considering they have 2x the protein of a Snickers bar, I figured it would qualify for this site. But keep in mind that these aren’t marketed as protein bars, so they’re not going to be the greatest source of protein.

Each bar contains 200 calories and 8 grams of protein, which is not horrible, but certainly not on-par with protein bars.

The real draw of these Woo Bars is that they are fully plant-based, and yet still contain whey protein.

Yes, you read that correctly.

Woo Bars use Perfect Day protein, which is the same protein Nick’s Ice Cream uses for their vegan ice cream. Perfect Day has been able to re-create whey protein without cows, which means you can still get all the benefits of whey protein on a plant-based diet.

 According to Perfect Day, their whey protein has a carbon footprint that is only 3% of conventional dairy protein, so there’s a very appealing environmental aspect to choosing these bars as well.

OK, all of that is great, but how do Woo Bars taste?

Once you dig into this bar, whether you go right in for a bite or break it in half, the first thing you’ll notice is the gooey, stretchy caramel.

The one department where healthy bars fall short is almost ALWAYS the caramel, and most bars have a real lack of stretchy caramel in them.

That is certainly not the case for Woo Bars.

The caramel inside Woo Bars is stretchy & chewy the way you’d expect caramel to be, but it definitely has a bit of a different flavor compared to regular caramel. It’s a bit sweeter, and it reminds me more of honey than regular buttery caramel.

That is certainly not a bad thing, but it’s a slightly different flavor than you might be expecting.

The rest of the bar is very much like a Snickers bar. The nougat is pillowy soft, and there are real peanuts in every single bite.

As a whole, this eats very much like a real candy bar, and I found myself really enjoying this bar more and more as I ate it.

The initial bite of this Woo Bar had a really distinct flavor to it, but after a few bites, this really resembled a true candy bar. If you were trying this bar without any knowledge of what it was, you’d never be able to identify the fact that it is plant-based.

Overall, Woo Bars are delicious! They’re not a bar you’re going to grab to help you hit your protein goals, but if you need a healthier replacement for candy bars, especially if you eat plant-based, this may be a great option for you.

The only real hangup here is the price, because if we are comparing these bars to regular candy bars, Woo Bars are significantly more expensive. With each small bar costing as much (or slightly more) as a typical protein bar, these may not be an affordable option for the masses.

Woo Bars
REVIEW: Woo Bars (Plant-Based Candy Bars)
If you want a plant-based, low-sugar alternative to regular candy bars, these Woo Bars deliver. They won't replace protein bars in your diet, but they can definitely replace candy bars (if you can afford it, that is).
Flavor Accuracy
Overall Taste
The Good
Perfect candy bar texture
Fully plant-based
Lower sugar and more protein than regular candy bars
The Bad
A pretty small bar
Very expensive for a candy bar
Still not a great source of protein
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