Every Goodles Flavor Reviewed & Ranked

Flavors Tried: All

Price: $2.99 per box (at Target)

Nutrition (varies slightly): 270 Calories, 4g Fat, 48g Carbs (6g Fiber), 15g Protein

Goodles Ranking
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    I have heard nothing but glowing reviews for Goodles, so it’s finally time for me to give my 2 cents on this high-protein, “better for you” mac & cheese.

    I’ve reviewed high-protein mac & cheese in the past, but this one is a bit different. The purpose of this product is not to be just another protein-packed pasta, but rather an all-around healthier alternative to Kraft mac & cheese.

    I was under the assumption that this was another chickpea pasta, but that’s not the case. Yes, chickpea protein is used to bump up the protein in these noodles, but this is not a chickpea pasta like Banza.

    Now, I happen to love Banza pasta, but it’s a bit different from regular pasta in terms of texture. Goodles uses a combination of wheat and chickpea for their pasta, which promises to be no different from regular macaroni noodles that we all know and love.

    How exactly does Goodles stack up against Kraft? I’m glad you asked.

    Overall, they are not too different. In terms of calories, fat, cholesterol, sodium, and total carbs, they’re quite similar. But there are a few major differences here.

    One, there is more protein in Goodles. Sure, it’s not a huge advantage, but an extra 5 grams of protein per serving is a nice bonus.

    Two, there is more fiber in Goodles. Again, it’s not a huge difference, but the extra fiber can go a long way in helping to keep you full (because most of us are endless pits for mac & cheese).

    But the biggest difference is in the ingredients & nutrients. Goodles has a very “clean” ingredients list, and they add a whole bunch of nutrients from vegetables. When you look at the vitamins & minerals, there’s a clear advantage over Kraft.

    But of course, none of this matters if it doesn’t taste good, so let’s dive in. I’ve tried every single Goodles flavor that is available at the time of writing this, even vegan Goodles, so it’s time to give you my honest review and flavor ranking.

    Goodles Overall Thoughts

    First and foremost, we need to acknowledge the punny flavor names that Goodles uses. It’s clear that Goodles is in this for the love of the game, as evident by the fun flavor names and colorful branding.

    Twist My Parm? Smokey Dokey? I’m a sucker for a good pun, and Goodles does not disappoint.

    Now, let’s talk about how easy Goodles is to prep. You don’t need to mess with any butter for this one, although there is an option to add butter if you prefer. All you need is a small amount of milk and a cheese packet.

    I grew up eating Kraft all the time, and I was never one to add butter, so I didn’t feel it necessary for this prep.

    Cook the noodles for about 9 minutes in boiling water, mix in the cheese packet and milk, and you are ready to go!

    Before even trying any of these flavors, my first observation was how small a pot of mac & cheese seemed.

    This isn’t exclusive to Goodles, and it seems like all boxes of mac & cheese are far too small.

    Most flavors of Goodles contain 2.5 servings per box, but some of them contain just 2 servings (I’m guessing due to different noodle sizes).

    But now let’s get to the good part: the taste.

    I can say with confidence that Goodles is delicious across the board.

    I’m going to give you my personal rankings below, but it is completely subjective. Certain flavors are just not for me because they have flavor profiles that aren’t my jam, but I can appreciate how delicious they’d be to someone who wants that particular cheesy flavor.

    In other words, there isn’t a single Goodles flavor that they missed the mark on. It truly tastes like decadent, delicious, homemade mac & cheese, but with the added nutritional benefits.

    You’ll find my reviews for every flavor below, and here are all of the flavors I tasted:

    • Down The Hatch
    • Shella Good
    • Cheddy Mac
    • Vegan is Believin’
    • Twist My Parm
    • Hey Hey Elote
    • Mover & Shaker
    • Smokey Dokey
    • Here Comes Truffle

    9. Here Comes Truffle

    Goodles Here comes Truffle

    Here Comes Truffle sits atop the list of best flavor names, but truffle just isn’t my jam.

    Looking at this flavor objectively, it most definitely tastes like truffle. Unfortunately for me, that’s not a flavor profile I enjoy.

    If you’re unfamiliar with truffle flavor, it’s a difficult flavor to pin down – it’s an earthy, complex, salty flavor. Imagine a blend of earthy mushrooms and a hint of garlicky undertones… that’s the best way I can describe it.

    Truffle is a pretty polarizing flavor, and I sit on the side of not enjoying it. But if you’re a truffle enthusiast, this Goodles flavor may be worth trying.

    8. Smokey Dokey

    Goodles Smokey Dokey

    Smokey Dokey (another fantastic name) is a unique mac & cheese flavor. The base is a very rich & cheesy cheddar mac & cheese, but with the obvious addition of smoke.

    Much like truffle, smokey flavor is not one I typically enjoy. I can tolerate some smoke flavor when it comes to BBQ, but the addition of smoke to this mac & cheese doesn’t do it for me.

    The smokey smell is very potent, and if you like the smell of bonfire on your clothes, then you’ll be all about this one.

    The mac & cheese itself is delicious and rich, but considering this is more than just a subtle hint of smokey flavor, it’s just not for me. If you’re someone who enjoys smokey flavor, then there’s no reason you wouldn’t like this mac & cheese.

    If you need a tasty side for a BBQ, I can see this slotting into the menu perfectly.

    7. Mover & Shaker

    Mover & Shaker is a cacio e pepe-inspired mac & cheese, which I was very intrigued by. I tend to prefer simple when it comes to mac & cheese, so I wasn’t quite sure what to expect here.

    If cacio e pepe means nothing to you, just know that it’s an Italian pasta dish that means “cheese and pepper.” And, based on looks alone, Goodles captures the pepper in this one.

    I’ll shoot straight: this one is not my jam. The mac & cheese is creamy, rich, and delicious. But, the flavor of the cheese itself is just not my cup of tea.

    Instead of cheddar, the main cheeses used here are pecorino romano and parmesan, which create a tanginess that I find to be a little bit too strong. This is not a knock on Goodles, those are just my silly little tastebuds.

    This flavor is a bit tangy and “sharp,” for lack of a better word.

    Still, looking at this mac & cheese objectively, I can tell you that they nailed the flavor. It’s just not my favorite.

    6. Twist My Parm

    Twist my parm

    Much like Mover & Shaker, Twist My Parm packs a punch in the flavor department thanks to the parmesan cheese.

    I love how creamy this flavor is, but I’m just not a huge fan of parmesan cheese to begin with.

    That being said, Twist My Parm has less bite to it than the previously reviewed cacio e pepe flavor, so I enjoyed this one much more.

    If you’re someone who likes to add parmesan cheese to virtually every dish you eat, then run out and grab this flavor ASAP, because it will probably become your new favorite meal.

    5. Hey Hey Elote

    Hey Hey Elote

    Elote flavor is not something I would have ever expected to have in mac & cheese, but I welcome it with open arms.

    The smell and flavor are spot-on Elote. I have the Elote seasoning from Trader Joe’s, and I use it all the time, but the flavor that Goodles accomplished here is even better than the seasoning.

    The creaminess of the cheese lends itself perfectly to what you’d expect to find with real-deal Elote corn, and it works incredibly well.

    Be warned: this flavor does have a kick to it. I love spicy food, so I find that the spice elevates the flavors, but it may not be for those of you who can’t handle spice.

    On the spiciness scale, I’d consider this a 6/10. It doesn’t require chasing each bite with milk, but it’s enough to make you sweat a little bit.

    On the deliciousness scale, it’s easily an 8/10 (at least).

    4. Vegan is Believin’

    As the name implies, Vegan is Believin’ is Goodles’ vegan mac & cheese, and it absolutely blew me away.

    Slotting this in as my 4th favorite flavor doesn’t do it justice; this is by far the best vegan mac & cheese I have ever tried.

    Most vegan mac & cheese options out there rely on nutritional yeast to accomplish a cheesy flavor profile, but I find that to be way too strong of a flavor. Goodles uses cashew milk as the main flavor in this one (nutritional yeast is included, but not the main ingredient) and it is delicious.

    In fact, I tried the “cheese” packet on its own before mixing it into the noodles, and you would never be able to tell that it wasn’t a regular cheese packet.

    The only downside to this flavor is that when you compare it side-by-side to one of the other flavors, it makes Vegan is Believin’ taste a little bit dull.

    Goodles vegan vs dairy

    It lacks the cheesy kick you get from real cheese, and the flavor feels a bit subtle by comparison.

    Because of this, it doesn’t crack my top 3, but as far as vegan mac & cheese is concerned, it is far and away the best option out there.

    In a blind taste test, nobody would ever know that this mac & cheese was vegan. The flavor may not be mind-blowing, but there are no signs of this being plant-based.

    3. Cheddy Mac

    Goodles Mac and Cheese

    I grew up on boxed mac & cheese, so I was hoping that the simple “Cheddy Mac” flavor would bring me right back to that.

    And, my friends, that’s exactly what it did.

    This does taste different than Kraft, but in the best way possible: it’s an elevated, more delicious version of mac & cheese.

    The cheddar cheese is creamy and rich, while still capturing the essence of that childhood favorite.

    Honestly, I have no notes for this one. If you like boxed mac & cheese, there is no reason you wouldn’t love this. If you took a box of Kraft, made it taste better, and improved the macros and ingredients, this is what you’d be left with.

    2. Shella Good

    When it comes to mac & cheese, I always opt for a classic cheddar over white cheddar variety. Maybe it’s because I grew up eating simple mac & cheese, but white cheddar doesn’t typically do it for me.

    Well, this white cheddar Shella Good flavor completely changed that, because these are incredible.

    With just a small amount of milk, the cheese powder became incredibly creamy, and the flavor was extremely rich. Unlike other white cheddar products, there was no “bite” to the flavor, and it was just incredibly smooth and delicious.

    Do I wish the shells were regular size? Yes. Does that really matter? No, not really.

    You have to give this one a try. If you’re like me and don’t typically enjoy white cheddar mac & cheese, this flavor may very well convert you.

    1. Down the Hatch

    Down the hatch

    I didn’t think that any other flavor would top Shella Good, then along comes Down The Hatch and takes the top spot.

    Goodles describes this one as a chile popper in mac form, and they pretty much nailed that description.

    The mac & cheese is smooth & creamy with a slight tang to it, and the hatch cheddar cheese takes this to a completely new level. In terms of spice, this one won’t make you sweat, but it has the perfect kick in the aftertaste to remind you that hatch chiles are involved.

    Whenever I eat mac & cheese, I like to add a little bit of spice to it, so I found this flavor to be perfect. The heat is balanced perfectly with the creamy cheddar cheese, and I have no notes.

    If you like a little bit of a kick, you gotta try this one.

    Goodles Mac & Cheese: Final Thoughts

    I wasn’t sure if I should buy into the hype of Goodles, but I totally get it now. This stuff is delicious.

    With so many flavor options, there’s a box of Goodles that will suit your taste buds.

    In terms of nutrition, this isn’t miles ahead of regular mac & cheese, but it delivers on being a truly “better for you” product compared to regular boxed mac & cheese. With a bit more protein and fiber, and a ton more nutrients, this is a great alternative if you want something a little bit healthier.

    Unlike Banza pasta, this pasta is identical to regular pasta, so there’s no acquired taste needed here.

    The flavors are truly great, and there’s no reason why this can’t be a product the entire family can enjoy. Plus, the price point is still favorable, so it’s absolutely worth a try.

    You truly cannot go wrong with any of the flavors. But if you want a simple starting point, give Shella Good or Cheddy Mac a try. Both of those flavors are comparable to basic cheddar and white cheddar mac & cheese, and they do not disappoint.

    Goodles Ranking
    Every Goodles Flavor Reviewed & Ranked
    Goodles is as delicious as advertised. It's delicious mac & cheese with lots of protein, fiber, and nutrients. What's not to love? It truly tastes like an elevated version of the boxed mac & cheese we all know and love.
    Flavor Accuracy
    Noodle Texture
    Overall Taste
    The Good
    Packed with a ton of flavor
    Very simple to prep
    Great nutrition facts
    Variety of flavors
    The Bad
    Slightly less in a box than standard Mac & Cheese
    Not gluten-free like Banza mac & cheese
    Give 'Em A Try
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