REVIEW: Quest Hot & Spicy Protein Chips (Yes, They’re Seriously Hot)

Price: $9.99 for 4 bags ($2.50 per bag)

Nutrition: 140 Calories, 5g Fat, 5g Carbs, 19g Protein

I really enjoy Quest protein chips. I don’t have a dedicated review for the chips (although if I go back and review them, I’ll be sure to update this) but I really enjoy them overall.

Quest protein chips are a bit lighter than a traditional tortilla chip, but they really deliver on flavor.

If you haven’t tried the taco flavor, that’s definitely the flavor I recommend starting with. They have somehow captured all of the flavors of a taco, down to the lettuce, and it blows my mind every time.

Well, now Quest has these Hot & Spicy Protein Chips, and as a fan of spicy food, I was beyond excited to find them.

Quest chips nutrition facts

Nutritionally, Quest protein chips are insanely impressive. With only 140 calories per bag, I would expect to see much less protein per serving, but 19 grams is amazing.

I reviewed Atkins protein chips, which are very similar to Quest chips, and those contain just 13 grams of protein.

In fact, the two other protein chips I’ve reviewed to this point, Hilo Life and Beyond Chipz, have only 9 grams and 13 grams of protein, respectively.

Needless to say, Quest chips are a great source of protein, and far more impressive as a protein snack than most protein bars.

Quest Hot & Spicy Chips

When I opened up this bag, it smelled exactly like a bag of Spicy Sweet Chili Doritos. If someone were to blindfold you and tell you to smell what’s in front of you (side note… be very careful playing that game) you’d never know that these were not Doritos.

The protein chips have a ton of powder coating each chip as well, which is always nice to see.

Holding Quest chip

In terms of taste, these hot & spicy protein chips deliver in a big way.

You’re immediately hit with a good amount of heat, and the heat builds in the back of your throat as you work your way through the bag.

Which some spicy food, you’re hit with an initial taste of heat and then it moves on. But these Quest chips linger, which I actually really enjoy.

If you do not have a high spice tolerance, I have to warn you that you’ll probably hate these. But if you can tolerate a fair amount of heat, these are really, really good.

Quest chips on table

If I had to rank the heat on a scale from 1-10 (with 10 being the hottest), I think it lands somewhere between a 7 and an 8.

The heat is not so high that it’s unpleasant, but it will definitely make you sweat if you’re not used to moderately spicy food.

Having tried all of the Quest protein chip flavors, I think I would officially put Hot & Spicy right at the top of the list.

These protein chips are essentially like eating spicy Doritos, but with 19 grams of protein, which is unheard of!

The only major downside to these Quest chips is that they’re a bit more delicate than regular tortilla chips, so they are almost always broken up in the bag. It’s not the end of the world, but if you’re hoping to make a plate of nachos with the chips, it is definitely difficult.

Still, if the worse part of these chips is that they are sometimes broken, then that’s a darn good snack.

Quest Hot & Spicy Chips
REVIEW: Quest Hot & Spicy Protein Chips (Yes, They’re Seriously Hot)
I enjoy Quest chips as a whole, but these are my new favorite flavor. I like spicy food, and these hot & spicy protein chips deliver. If you're a fan of spicy food and want to try a quality protein snack, this is it.
Flavor Accuracy
Overall Taste
The Good
Very spicy
Smells & tastes similar to a spicy Dorito
140 Calories & 19g of Protein is insanely impressive
The Bad
Maybe TOO spicy for some
Expensive as far as chips go
Most chips end up broken in the bag because they are delicate
Give 'Em A Try
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