REVIEW: Annie’s Super Mac (Protein Mac & Cheese)

Flavors Tried: Aged Cheddar & White Cheddar

Price: $3.50 per box at Target

Nutrition: 280 Calories, 6g Fat, 44g Carbs (6g Fiber), 15g Protein

Annie's Super Mac

I recently tried and reviewed all of the Goodles mac & cheese flavors, so when I saw Annie’s entry into the high-protein mac & cheese space, I knew it would be the perfect time for a review.

Goodles set the bar very high, in my opinion. While not insanely high in protein, the flavors are stellar, making it an incredible way to get some extra protein into your diet.

How does Annie’s new Super Mac compare to Goodles? Let’s take a look.

Annie's Super Mac vs Goodles
Goodles (left) vs Annie’s (right)

You’ll notice a ton of similarities here, namely in the macronutrient department. The calories are nearly identical, as are the carbs and protein. The major difference here lies in the micronutrients, with the Goodles micronutrient list being much longer.

Annie’s seems to be positioning itself as a way to get in some extra protein, but Goodles is marketed more as an all-around healthier alternative to standard mac & cheese.

Other than that, the ingredients are largely the same: the pasta is made with a combination of wheat flour and pea protein, and the cheddar cheese blend looks to be pretty standard.

It sounds like Annie has built a formidable opponent to Goodles, but let’s see how the taste compares.

Annie’s Real Aged Cheddar Super Mac

Bowl of Annie's Super Mac

Right off the bat, you’d never be able to tell this was a healthier version of mac & cheese. If you’re a parent hoping to sneak some extra protein and fiber into your children’s diets, then this could prove to be a great solution.

The shells rival any other pasta in terms of texture, which is always a question mark when it comes to high-protein pasta. For example, I love Banza chickpea pasta, but there is a noticeable difference in texture compared to regular pasta. Luckily that is not the case here, and the pasta is excellent.

Now, a quick caveat. With any mac & cheese, I prep the cheese by simply combining the packet with milk. I know that you can add butter for some extra richness, but I am a lifelong milk-only person, so I kept with that strategy for this mac.

Annie's Super Mac Cheddar

That being said, I felt like I was missing out without the butter. The cheese has a ton of flavor, but it felt bitter to me, much more so than standard mac & cheese. This is likely because aged cheddar tends to have a bite to it, but I found myself wishing the flavor was smoother.

That’s a personal preference of mine as I just don’t love really sharp cheddar. If you do, there’s no reason why you wouldn’t enjoy this mac & cheese.

Annie’s White Cheddar Super Mac

Super Mac White Cheddar

I tend to prefer regular cheddar to white cheddar, but Goodles proved to me that white cheddar cheese can be delicious.

In this case, I was not overly impressed.

The aged cheddar flavor has a definitive sharpness to it, but this white cheddar flavor has far too big of a bite for me. If you’re like me and prefer your cheese to be smoother and more mild (I’m a Kraft kid at heart) then you may be turned off by this one.

I stored leftovers in the fridge and went back the following day and I did find that the sharpness had subsided a bit, so I happily finished the entire batch. Clearly, while sharper than I’d like, it isn’t that bad.

It all comes down to personal preference. On the surface, I can tell that this is quality mac & cheese, even if the flavor isn’t for me. And if you like Annie’s regular white cheddar shells, you’ll hardly notice a difference here.

Annie’s Super Mac Protein Mac & Cheese: Final Thoughts

Annie's Super Mac Flavors

This protein mac & cheese is a welcomed addition to the ever-growing category, but it didn’t blow me away the same way Goodles did.

If you’re looking for an organic mac & cheese that will give you a seamless way to sneak more protein into your (or your kid’s) diet, then this is a great option.

But with Goodles as an option, I’d still go that route for a few reasons:

  • Unique flavor options
  • Cheese is smoother and not as sharp
  • Loaded with micronutrients

I was so curious to find out why I felt that this mac & cheese was so bitter compared to Goodles, and while it may very well just be the cheddar powder that is used, I noticed that Goodles uses buttermilk powder in their cheese packet.

The addition of buttermilk is likely what creates a smoother & sweeter flavor, which is lacking in Annie’s Super Mac.

But again, that’s just personal preference. If you’re a fan of sharp cheddar and that bitter taste, this protein mac & cheese may be worth the try. For me, it’s not one that I will be going back to.

Annie's Super Mac Flavors
REVIEW: Annie’s Super Mac (Protein Mac & Cheese)
Annie's Super Mac is nearly indistinguishable from the regular Annie's mac & cheese, so if you like the regular one, you'll enjoy this as well. It makes for an easy way to sneak extra protein into your diet, but it doesn't quite hit the same level of exceptional flavor that Goodles has been able to accomplish.
Flavor Accuracy
Noodle Texture
Overall Taste
The Good
Simple to prepare
Cannot taste the added protein
Good cheesy flavor
The Bad
Cheese is quite sharp (a negative for me, maybe not for you)
Lacking flavor variety
Give 'Em A Try
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