REVIEW: ROYO Low Carb Bagels & Bread

Products Tried: Everything Bagels & Artisan Bread

Price: $12 for 6 bagels ($2 each)

Nutrition for bagels: 80 Calories, 1.5g Fat, 38g Carbs (32g Fiber), 10g Protein

Nutrition for bread: 30 Calories, 0g Fat, 13g Carbs (11g Fiber), 3g Protein

Royo Bread and Bagels

I grew up on Long Island, a place that is pretty much known for having amazing bagels on virtually every corner. So, naturally, I turned into a bit of a bagel snob growing up.

But as I set out on my fitness journey, I found myself eating bagels much less often, and instead opting for low-carb/high-protein alternatives more often.

All of that is to say that while I can certainly be a bagel snob, I have a deep appreciation for companies that can successfully create a decent low-carb bagel or bread.

Of course, you have to adjust your expectations when faced with keto bagels. There is just no way to perfectly replicate the light, yet chewy nature of bagels without the carbs. But if a company can accomplish something remotely similar, it’s a huge win.

I’ve reviewed The Better Bagel before, which I found to be a decent keto-friendly bagel option, but today we’re going to see how ROYO Bread Co. compares.

The main difference between ROYO and The Better Bagel is that the latter is much more protein-focused. ROYO is strictly a low-carb bagel, but the byproduct of pretty much any low-carb option is that the protein will naturally be higher.

So while 10 grams of protein may not feel like it’s super high in protein, for just 80 calories, that’s quite impressive.

I was terrified to try a bagel with 32 grams of fiber for fear of what that might do to my stomach, but I do it for you fine people.

I decided to give the everything bagels a try because that is my go-to bagel flavor, and I’ll also be trying their keto bread with it.

ROYO Keto Bagel Review

Royo Everything Bagel

Right out of the package, I was impressed by the size of ROYO’s everything bagel. With only 80 calories, I feared these would resemble those tiny “bagel thins” you see at the store, but these are comparable to any real bagel in terms of size.

The main difference you notice right away is that these don’t have the outer shell that actual bagels have. I love the texture of bagels because of the chewyness on the outside and the soft fluffiness inside, but this bagel is clearly on the soft side inside and out.

But, for a keto bagel, that’s what you have to expect.

ROYO bagel interior

Cutting into this bagel, it’s clear that this is a very light & airy bagel. Whereas The Better Bagel has a thick chewiness to it, ROYO definitely leans more towards the bready side of the spectrum.

Since I rarely eat plain bagels, I decided to toast these up to give them a fair shake.

ROYO toasted bagel

Once toasted and covered with your favorite spread, this is a pretty solid bagel. The overall texture is very light & airy, and I’d consider this much closer to a roll than I would a bagel.

But, unlike other keto-friendly bagels I’ve tried, there is no chewiness or Earthy flavor to this bagel. Yes, I do prefer my bagel to have a slight chew to it, but this is a very pleasant texture overall.

Now, the real test is how this holds up as a breakfast sandwich, because that’s the way I eat bagels most often.

ROYO Breakfast Sandwich

This is definitely the best application for a ROYO bagel. If this were served to me at a coffeeshop, I would think that this is just a mediocre bagel, and I would never know this was a low-carb alternative.

I know that calling it “mediocre” sounds negative, but it’s really not. Remember: I’m a bit of a bagel snob. These remind me of prepackaged bagels you’d buy at the grocery store- they’re perfectly fine, but they’re not the most amazing bagels you’ve ever had.

But as a breakfast sandwich, this works very well.

Considering the entire bagel is just 80 calories, you can have a really low-calorie breakfast sandwich that keeps you full for hours.

If you’re keto, I think you’ll have a tough time finding a better option.

ROYO Keto Bread Review

ROYO Bread

After trying ROYO’s keto bagels, I could already tell that the bread would not let me down. Considering the bagels are pretty bready in their own right, I figured that would translate very well into sliced bread.

And I was certainly right. This bread is very impressive!

For only 30 calories, I was surprised at just how large each slice actually is. I pulled out a regular slice of bread I had in my pantry, which contains 120 calories, and the size is actually very comparable:

ROYO bread comparison

In terms of taste, this bread truly reminds me of a basic wheat bread. I much prefer bread with deeper flavor, namely bread that contains seeds & whole grains, but this is extremely similar to any basic bread out there.

It lacks the chewiness you get from regular bread, but it toasts up beautifully and very closely resembles real bread.

Toasted ROYO bread

The flavor won’t blow you away, but considering it’s only 30 calories and virtually carb-free, it doesn’t have to.

Just like the bagels, if I were served this bread with my breakfast, I would not think twice that it wasn’t regular bread. I wouldn’t be impressed with the bread necessarily, but I wouldn’t think that I was served something other than basic bread.

Yes, it lacks the complex flavors of delicious bread, but it has no off-putting taste that a lot of keto products tend to have.

If you need a keto bread option, this is so much better than other options I’ve tried.

ROYO Bread Co. Overall Thoughts

ROYO Everything Bagel

I like my reviews to be perfectly honest. It’s important you know how I personally feel about a product, and how I predict others will feel about a product.

Strictly based on flavor, these products don’t blow me away. The bagel tastes like a pretty average bagel, and the bread is nothing special.

But let’s take a step back.

The bagels are 80 calories and keto-friendly. Each slice of bread is only 30 calories and is keto-friendly.

When viewed through that lens, these are an absolutely awesome option.

The bagels would never replace my favorite bagels in my diet, but that’s because they don’t have to. If you’re keto, or simply need a low-carb option, these are fantastic options.

If you’re on a keto diet, I’ll go out on a limb and assume you miss eating bread. In that case, these will bridge that gap perfectly.

PS: If you’re worried about the fiber content, rest assured that this did nothing weird to my insides. I enjoyed a bagel and bread (on separate days- I’m not that daring) and I did not notice any flatulence or discomfort like I do from some low-carb products.

ROYO Everything Bagel
REVIEW: ROYO Low Carb Bagels & Bread
ROYO is a really solid option in the keto space. Since I personally am not keto, these won't be a staple for my diet, but I don't think you'll find a better keto-friendly option that more closely resembles actual bread (or bagels).
Resembles Actual Bread
Overall Taste
The Good
Light & airy
No Earthy flavor or weird aftertaste
Not overly chewy like many other low-carb bread options
The Bad
Relatively dull flavor compared to real bread
Not necessarily protein-focused
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  1. I am a type 2 diabetic and read on the nutrition list 0ne bagel is 78 % a serving. 14% on the carbs. Now I love bagels but I want to know if your bagels are going to spike my blood sugar before I order any of your product.

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