REVIEW: Eat Me Guilt Free Protein Bread

Flavor Tried: Not Quite White Bread

Price: $19.99 for 2 loaves ($1.00 per serving)

Nutrition (for 2 slices): 115 Calories, 2.5g Fat, 12g Carbs (5g Fiber & 2g Sugar), 12g Protein

I’ve reviewed a ridiculous number of high-protein products, ranging from cookies to pancakes and even to Eat Me Guilt Free’s widely adored brownies.

The brownies were decent, but nothing to write home about in my opinion.

Now, it’s time to see if their Protein Bread can make a bigger splash.

This protein bread is curiously called “Not Quite White Bread.” A funny name, I think, that sets up your expectations from the get-go that it’s not going to taste like fluffy white bread.

Let’s talk nutrition. Two slices give you 115 calories, 2.5g fat, 12g carbs (5g of that is fiber and 2g is sugar), and 12g protein. Pretty solid macros, especially if you want something different from the extremely high-fiber options that are currently out there.

But macros are nothing without good taste…

First Impressions & Taste Test

Eat Me Guilt Free Bread

Before you even take a bite, you’re hit with a very strong smell.

I’m all about honesty, and I’ve gotta say this bread has a potent chemical smell that’s hard to ignore. That’s a pretty rough start, but I decided to keep going and try it out.

Eating it plain was, frankly, a bit of a chore.

It tasted as packed with chemicals as it smelled, making it pretty unappetizing on its own. It had a chewy texture that I kind of liked, similar to P28 bread (an old favorite of mine that’s no longer around), but the flavor just wasn’t there.

To be honest, I wouldn’t eat this bread plain.

The Toast Test

You can’t judge a bread until you’ve toasted it.

So I toasted it, slapped on some butter, and what happened? It improved, but the slices shrunk down to a super small size after toasting – each one fit easily in the palm my hand.

Needless to say, when we’re talking serving size, this is pretty tiny.

But, the toasting did make the texture a bit more enjoyable and much more like regular bread.

Toasted Protein Bread

I also tried using the toasted slices to make an egg and cheese breakfast sandwich.

The other ingredients in the sandwich did a pretty good job of hiding the chemical taste of the bread, so it was definitely an improvement. In a sandwich, it’s a passable substitute for regular bread, although you would certainly not mistake this for regular bread given the strong flavor.

Final Thoughts

Eat Me Guilt Free Bread

Is Eat Me Guilt Free’s Protein Bread going to replace your go-to loaf? Probably not.

On its own, it leaves a lot to be desired and has more of a chemical taste than I’d like. But if you toast it or use it in a sandwich, it definitely works.

The redeeming quality of this bread is its macro profile. It’s tough to pass up bread that packs 12g of protein into just 115 calories.

That’s a deal that might convince some to look past its flaws. But if you’re hoping for a tasty snack to enjoy solo, this might not be the bread for you.

At the end of the day, food should be enjoyable, even if it’s amped up with protein. So if you’re thinking about trying this bread, be prepared to hide that chemical taste with your favorite sandwich fixings or toppings.

I would definitely stick with Eat Me Guilt Free’s brownies over this bread, and this bread just has me wishing that my beloved P28 bread would make a comeback.

Eat Me Guilt Free Bread
REVIEW: Eat Me Guilt Free Protein Bread
Is this protein bread going to replace your favorite loaf of bread? Definitely not. But if you need a diet-friendly replacement for your bread, this can get the job done in the right circumstances. Personally, the chemical taste is too strong for my liking, but if you can successfully mask that flavor with other ingredients, you might be alright.
Flavor Accuracy
Overall Taste
The Good
Great macros
Surprisingly affordable
Toasts well
The Bad
Strong chemical smell & taste
Very small slices, especially when toasted
Dense & chewy
Give 'Em A Try
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