REVIEW: Pastabilities Protein Pasta (24g Protein Per Serving!)

Price: $12.99 for 2-pack ($1.62 per serving)

Nutrition for 2oz Serving: 190 Calories, 1.5g Fat, 24g Carbs (7g Fiber) 24g Protein

Pastabilities protein pasta

When it comes to protein-packed pasta, Barilla’s Protein+ has long been the go-to, virtually indistinguishable from regular pasta with just a bit of extra protein.

Then there’s Goodles, very similar to Barilla but with a bonus of added nutrients and cleaner ingredients (side note, the Goodles mac & cheese is delicious).

And for those avoiding gluten, there’s Banza’s chickpea pasta, slightly higher in protein than Barilla’s protein pasta, though it can get a bit gummy if overcooked. I personally love chickpea pasta, but I can appreciate that it may not be for everyone.

Now, enter Pastabilities Protein Pasta, throwing a heavyweight punch in the protein pasta division.

The nutrition facts of Pastabilities are, frankly, a flex.

Pastabilities macros

With the same 190 calorie baseline as most pastas, they’ve managed to pump up the protein to an impressive 24 grams per serving ā€“ that blows every other pasta out of the water.

To pull this off, Pastabilities leverages a mix of wheat, chickpea, soy, and pea protein, essentially hitting all the plant-based protein sources except for anything dairy-related.

First Impressions: Shape and Texture

I went for the ruffles, an unconventional choice for pasta shapes, but that’s what the store had.

Pastabilities shapes

Cooking it was business as usual, just like any other pasta. I boiled it as per the package instructions, and I decided to try it plain to see how it tasted.

Pastabilities pasta

When trying it plain, the first thing that struck me was its density and chewiness ā€“ a noticeable departure from standard pasta. What I didn’t find was any off-putting or strong ‘healthy’ taste; it was surprisingly neutral, just bland on its own.

 I could actually snack on plain noodles (I don’t choose to, but I could, because pasta is delicious) but this pasta is extremely bland on its own.

Protein Pasta as a Main Dish

Let’s be honest, pasta is rarely, if ever, eaten plain. So, I threw on my favorite sauce, melted some mozzarella, and paired it with meatballs to see how it fared.

Plate of pastabilities

As a main dish, Pastabilities really finds its stride. The chewiness is there, but once it’s part of a complete dish, it’s not a deal-breaker. Considering it’s offering a base of 24 grams of protein, I can deal with a little chewiness.

Is it as chewy as you’re likely expecting? Yes. But is it something you can get past? Also yes.

While it’s not as subtly textured as Goodles or Banza, Pastabilities is packing twice the protein punch. So, if you struggle to eat enough protein, this will be a diet-saver for you.

Just sauce it up, and you’re good to go.

The Verdict

Pastabilities Protein Pasta

Between Goodles, Banza, and Pastabilities, Iā€™d probably still reach for the first two if I wanted that classic pasta experience without the texture trade-off.

However, when it comes to protein content, Pastabilities is in a league of its own.

It might not pass the picky-eater test, but for someone who needs a quick and hefty protein fix, Pastabilities is a winner. I can see myself stocking up for those days when I need a quick, no-fuss, high-protein meal.

The takeaway? If protein is your priority and you’re willing to compromise slightly on texture, Pastabilities is a pantry must-have.

Regular pasta is dirt cheap, so you obviously have to pay a pretty penny here by comparison. But to me, it’s worth it.

If you’re after the texture and taste of traditional pasta, you might stick with the classics. But for the protein-focused foodies out there (which you likely are), Pastabilities might just be a new favorite on your menu.

Pastabilities Protein Pasta
REVIEW: Pastabilities Protein Pasta (24g Protein Per Serving!)
Pastabilities Protein Pasta is definitely denser and chewier than regular pasta, but it packs 24 grams of protein per serving, which is unheard of. Once it's all dressed up, I think this is a fantastic option for an easy high-protein meal.
Overall Satisfaction
The Good
Insanely high in protein
Easy to prep
No earthy flavor
The Bad
Dense and chewy
Expensive for pasta
Very bland on its own (but you're not going to eat plain pasta)
Give 'Em A Try
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