REVIEW: Quest Frosted Cookies

Flavors Tried: Birthday Cake & Chocolate Cake

Price: $29.99 for box of 24 ($1.25 each)

Nutrition Per Cookie: 90 Calories, 7g Fat, 10g Carbs (1g Net Carb), 5g Protein

Quest Frosted Cookies

I have a confession to make: when I first tried Quest Frosted Cookies, I didn’t like them very much.

I did a full video review for them, and I found them to be overall very dry and disappointing.

Since posting that initial review, I’ve seen nothing but positive reviews surrounding Quest Frosted Cookies, so I kept feeling like maybe I just had gotten a bad batch. But, I figured I’d just let it go.

Well, fast forward about one year, and I received these cookies as a gift from somebody, which forced me into giving them another try.

And wouldn’t you know, it seems like my suspicions were correct: I believe I got a bad batch the first time around, because I felt much differently about these frosted cookies on the second try.

When you buy these frosted cookies, you have the option to either buy them as a pack of 2 or individually. Personally, I prefer to have them individually wrapped to keep these as a small snack versus having to commit to eating 2 at a time.

Quest Frosted Cookies

Looking at the macros, these frosted cookies are not overly impressive.

Quest frosted cookies nutrition

Sure, 11 grams of protein isn’t horrible, but it’s far from ideal in a snack containing 200 calories.

Thanks to rounding, if you buy the individual cookies, you’ll only be getting 5 grams of protein.

But, Quest’s bread & butter is the lack of carbs in their products, and with 1g net carb in each frosted cookie, these are no exception.

Initial Impressions

Quest frosted cookies

The very first thing you notice when you open up these frosted cookies is that the sprinkles leave a lot to be desired.

I’m sure these are some unique sugar-free sprinkles that they’re using, so they don’t hold up quite as well, but the lack of colors here is depressing.

You’ll also notice that these don’t really resemble cookies very much, either. Many moons ago, I tried Optimum Nutrition’s Cake Bites, and these very much remind me of that snack.

The frosted cookies are soft and cake-like, much more resembling something like a cake pop than a cookie.

I’ve been on a never-ending hunt for a protein cookie that actually tastes like a legitimate cookie (most are just way too dry), but I just can’t bring myself to consider these cookies. In my mind, they’re cake bites.

Quest Birthday Cake Frosted Cookie Review

Quest vanilla cake bite

First up, we have the birthday cake flavor.

In terms of flavor accuracy, you can certainly tell this is vanilla, but maybe a bit too much. I have a mega sweet tooth, but even I found these frosted cookies to be a bit too sweet.

Now, that’s not to say these are bad- in fact, I quite like them. However, if it were up to me, I’d bring the sweetness down a touch.

The texture is actually what I thought it would be like, and it is much more cake-like than cookie-like. If I had to directly compare these to another product, it would definitely be cake pops: denser than cake itself, but still lighter than a cookie.

I love that this is a small snack for under 100 calories, and it’s perfect for when you need a bite of something sweet but don’t feel like committing to a full protein bar.

Overall, while the birthday cake frosted cookies don’t blow me away, I am more than happy to eat them.

Quest Chocolate Cake Frosted Cookie Review

Chocolate cake frosted cookie

The first time I tried these frosted cookies, I thought the chocolate cake flavor was incredibly dry. However, upon trying them again, that wasn’t the case at all.

Sure, they’re a tiny bit more dry & dense than the vanilla version, but that’s typically the case with anything chocolate flavored.

In terms of flavor, Quest knocked this one out of the park.

Biting into these chocolate frosted cookies tastes like you’re eating any number of Hostess chocolate snacks: Ding Dongs, Cupcakes, Ho Hos, you name it.

Of course, these are not nearly as soft and light as Hostess snacks, but the flavor is on point.

Much like the vanilla birthday cake version, these really don’t eat like cookies. But, if you’re a fan of chocolate cake, there’s no way you don’t love these.

Quest Frosted Cookies: Overall Thoughts

Quest Frosted Cookies

These frosted cookies from Quest are delicious as long as you’re not hoping for an actual cookie.

The texture is very similar to a cake bite or cake pop, although a bit denser than a normal cake would be,

In terms of flavor, these are both delicious, but the vanilla may be overly sweet for some.

If you’re in search of a small protein snack that can curb your sweet tooth, these very well may do it for you, but they’ll scratch that itch you have for fresh-baked cookies.

Quest Frosted Cookies
REVIEW: Quest Frosted Cookies
As a product, these Quest Frosted Cookies are delicious. However, I don't quite consider them a cookie- more of a cake bite. While relatively low in protein overall, these a great way to satisfy your sweet tooth with very few calories.
Flavor Accuracy
Overall Taste
The Good
Very soft texture
Not chewy like most bars or cookies
Sweet, pleasant flavor
The Bad
Not really cookies, much more like cake bites
The vanilla flavor is a bit too sweet
Lower in protein than other options
Give 'Em A Try
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