REVIEW: Silk Greek Style Yogurt (Coconut Milk Yogurt)

Flavors Tried: Vanilla & Strawberry

Price: $2.89 Each

Nutrition: 190 Calories, 11g Fat, 13g Carbs (9g Sugar), 10g Protein

Silk greek Yogurt

When it comes to plant-based yogurt, you typically have to settle for very little protein. Regular yogurt, and especially Greek yogurt, is a go-to protein source in many people’s diets.

Anyone following a plant-based diet has had very few options, but that’s all changing lately. And the most recent plant-based option I’ve come across is this Silk Greek Style Yogurt. Well, yogurt alternative, technically.

Silk has other yogurt options currently available, both an almond milk and soy milk-based version, but there is not a ton of protein in either. Each of those options clocks in right around 190 calories and 6 grams of protein.

This Greek-style yogurt bumps up the protein a bit, although still nowhere near the level of actual Greek yogurt.

Silk Greek nutrition

190 calories and 10 grams of protein is respectable, but certainly a step down from dairy-based Greek yogurt. Nonfat Greek yogurt has about 17 grams of protein for every 100 calories, and whole milk Greek yogurt has about 15 grams of protein with 160 calories.

But if you’re looking for something that closely resembles Greek yogurt in terms of taste, let’s hope that these can get it done.

Silk Greek Style Vanilla Yogurt Review

Silk greek consistency

First up, we have vanilla. Whenever I buy yogurt, I opt for vanilla, so this was a good test for me to see how it compares.

Right off the bat, this definitely resembles yogurt. You expect to find some liquid separated out when you open up Greek yogurt, and that’s exactly what we have here.

Once mixed, the yogurt became smooth & creamy and definitely resembled Greek yogurt.

Silk greek vanilla

In terms of flavor, there’s a tanginess that you expect to find in yogurt, and the vanilla flavor is pretty much exactly what you would expect and hope for.

The only problem with this yogurt is that there is a noticeable bitter aftertaste that really lingers as you eat this. Chalk it up to the addition of pea protein in this yogurt.

When a product has a strong Earthy flavor, it really takes away from the experience for me, but it’s not overpowering in this yogurt. I mixed some granola into the yogurt and enjoyed it as a snack, and it definitely resembled Greek yogurt.

Is this as good as Greek yogurt? No, but it’s a decent enough dairy-free option.

Silk Greek Style Strawberry Yogurt Review

Silk Greek strawberry

The strawberry flavor tells a very similar story. The consistency and the initial flavor resemble any strawberry yogurt I’ve ever had, which is great.

What’s not great is the aftertaste of this one. For whatever reason, I found that bitter aftertaste to be significantly stronger with this flavor, which is surprising to me because I would have thought the strawberry would mask it a bit.

I was able to enjoy the vanilla as a snack, but I didn’t end up finishing this one.

Silk Greek Style Yogurt: Final Thoughts

Silk Greek Style Yogurt

If you can’t have dairy for any reason, this Silk Greek-style yogurt is not a bad option. The protein content won’t blow you away, but it’s enough that it qualifies as a solid protein snack.

Considering most dairy-free yogurt available lacks protein completely, you could do much worse.

But, be prepared for that bitter aftertaste from the pea protein. You may find it more tolerable than I did, but don’t expect the flavor to be quite as smooth as regular yogurt.

Silk Greek Style Yogurt
REVIEW: Silk Greek Style Yogurt (Coconut Milk Yogurt)
Considering most dairy-free yogurt contains no protein at all, this offering from Silk is definitely a decent option. It eats like regular yogurt, but there is a noticeable aftertaste from the added pea protein.
Flavor Accuracy
Overall Taste
The Good
Resembles dairy-based yogurt
Minimal ingredients
The Bad
Bitter aftertaste from pea protein
Much less protein than actual Greek yogurt
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