REVIEW: Super Coffee (RTD High-Protein Coffee)

Flavors Tried: Vanilla Latte & Mocha Latte

Price: $34 for 12 ($2.83 each)

Nutrition: 70 Calories, 2.5g Fat, 3g Carbs, 10g Protein (200mg Caffeine)

Super Coffee Bottles

Today, we’re diving into the world of super-caffeinated protein with Super Coffee.

I’ve been seeing this brand around for a while, and as a big fan of Shark Tank, their appearance on the show piqued my interest pretty much immediately.

However, since Super Coffee is marketed as a keto product, I didn’t rush out to try it. Yes, it’s high-protein, but watching them pitch on Shark Tank and mostly talk about ketogenic benefits left me not itching to try it.

But curiosity finally got the best of me, and I picked up both the Vanilla Latte and Mocha Latte flavors at my local store. It looks like Super Coffee has a ton of other flavor options on Amazon, but we’ll stick with these two basic flavors for this review.

Super Coffee Nutrition Facts

Each Super Coffee drink packs a whopping 200mg of caffeine, which is pretty strong compared to most protein coffees that hover around 100mg.

Essentially, you’re getting two cups of coffee in one.

The nutrition profile is impressive with 70-80 calories and 10g of protein, so there’s not a whole lot to complain about there.

It also contains MCT oil, a big selling point for the keto crowd, but not something that particularly interests me.

Vanilla Latte Super Coffee Review

Super Coffee Vanilla

I’ll be honest, the Vanilla Latte flavor was a bit of a letdown.

And by that, I mean it was kind of a huge letdown. I wanted to love Super Coffee, but this left me with a really bad taste in my mouth. Literally.

The vanilla latte flavor has a very strong artificial taste that is impossible to ignore.

I can usually tolerate a bit of artificial/sugar substitute flavor after having tried virtually every high-protein snack out there, but this was just too much.

Vanilla Latte Super Coffee

The flavor profile leaned more towards coffee than a protein shake, which is one positive. Pouring this out definitely seemed like I was pouring a latter and not a thick protein shake.

However, the bitter aftertaste was a dealbreaker. As a cold brew lover, I could tell that this was made with regular coffee, not cold brew, which added to the bitterness.

It tasted enough like a vanilla latte to identify the flavor, but the aftertaste was way too off-putting.

Mocha Latte Super Coffee Review

Mocha Latte Super Coffee

The Mocha Latte flavor was definitely a step up from the Vanilla Latte.

The chocolate flavor did a decent job of masking the artificial taste, which tends to be the case with anything chocolate-flavored.

There was still a bit of bitterness and an aftertaste, but it was less pronounced than the Vanilla Latte.

The coffee flavor was pretty basic, reminiscent of gas station coffee, and it lacked the smoothness of cold brew. I’ll admit that I’m a cold brew snob, so you can take that criticism with a grain of salt.

Plus, some people swear by gas station coffee, so who am I to judge?

The chocolate flavor was more unsweetened/bitter than sweet in this, so if you’re a fan of dark chocolate, you likely won’t mind this.

While I preferred the Mocha to the Vanilla, it still wasn’t quite my cup of coffee, so to speak.

Final Verdict

Mocha Latte Super Coffee

Overall, while the macros of Super Coffee are impressive, the taste leaves a lot to be desired.

The drinks are too bitter and artificial tasting for my liking. As someone who can tolerate a fair amount of artificial flavor, I was shocked by how strong the artificial taste was in these.

If you’re someone who values flavor, you might want to look elsewhere for your protein coffee fix.

However, if you’re after a low-calorie, high-protein, and high-caffeine option, and you happen to like the extra dose of MCT Oil, Super Coffee could be worth a try.

Super Coffee is clearly doing very well, so maybe I’m an outlier here, but these are definitely a one-time-try for me.

Super Coffee Bottles
REVIEW: Super Coffee (RTD High-Protein Coffee)
Super Coffee is a widely available option, so it might seem appealing, but there are far better high-protein coffee options out there. I can typically tolerate an artificial sweetener taste, but it is far too strong in this coffee that I find them barely palatable.
Coffee Flavor
Artificial Flavor / Aftertaste
Overall Taste
The Good
Higher caffeine than most other options (may not be a positive for everyone)
Great macros
Lots of flavor options
The Bad
Very strong artificial sugar flavor
Doesn't use cold brew and you can taste the difference
Give 'Em A Try
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