REVIEW: Legendary Foods Protein Chips– Better Than Popchips?

Flavors Tried: Barbecue, Ranch, Nacho Cheese

Price: $10 for 4 ($2.50 per bag)

Nutrition: 150 Calories, 7g Fat, 4g Carbs (1g Fiber), 20g Protein

Legendary Foods has become known for its protein pop tarts. While those aren’t my favorite protein snacks in the world (due to the cakey texture), I cannot deny that they nailed the flavors.

So, when I saw that they released protein chips, I immediately needed to run out and find them. Luckily for me, my local GNC had them fully stocked.

When I purchased these, I was expecting a product that rivaled Quest protein chips, but I didn’t realize that these are POPPED protein chips.

Based on the photos, you’d think these were protein tortilla chips, but I clearly missed that. Since these are popped chips, you need to shift your expectations away from Quest chips and towards, well, Popchips.

Legendary Foods pop chips

The macros of these chips are incredible- 150 calories for the entire bag with 20 grams of protein is better than any protein bar you’ll find (and hopefully more delicious).

Unfortunately, those impressive macros come with a high price tag, and these bags are currently selling for close to $3 each. That’s pricey for a small bag of chips, but if the flavor can deliver, it may be worth it.

Ranch Popped Protein Chips

Ranch popped protein chips

The second I opened this bag, I was hit with an intense ranch scent, which I was not expecting. Many “healthy” chips out there skimp on the seasoning, but it was immediately clear that was not the case here.

If you’ve ever had PopCorners chips before, these resemble them almost exactly. Light, airy, and generously seasoned? I’m in.

Close up of legendary foods chips

Biting into these chips, you would never know that they are a high-protein treat. Texturally, they are nearly identical to PopChips.

In the flavor department, these are decent. The ranch seasoning is strong, and almost too strong for my tastes, but it’s still good.

Just make sure you temper your expectations a bit. The ranch seasoning is much more a generic ranch seasoning packet flavor versus something like Cool Ranch Doritos.

Nacho Cheese Popped Protein Chips

Legendary Foods Popped Protein Chips

The nacho cheese flavor left me feeling a bit disappointed. Don’t hear what I’m not saying: I still happily ate the entire bag, but the flavor was lacking.

The light & airy texture of the chips is awesome, but the nacho cheese flavor feels too subtle in these.

You definitely can’t expect Doritos-level flavor, or even cheddar popcorn for that matter. These chips remind me more of flavored rice cakes- there is some flavor to them, but it’s subtle.

As a snack, these are still good. But they would never become a go-to if you were craving something cheesy.

Barbecue Popped Protein Chips

BBQ popped protein chips

For whatever reason, the barbecue flavor had a bit more crunch to it. While still light & airy, they packed a little more crisp to them.

As far as flavor is concerned, these are hands down my favorite flavor that Legendary Foods offers. Plus, they’re the most generously seasoned.

Seasoning of chips

If you had a craving for BBQ chips, these would satisfy that craving 100%. The flavor, combined with the little extra crunch that this flavor packs, delivers a great BBQ chip experience.

Barbecue chips can often lean very heavily towards smokey or sweet, but I found these to be incredibly balanced. There’s a definite sweetness to them that’s met with a bit of smoke.

There’s a tiny kick to these chips as well- not enough that it should ever deter anyone (even those who are extremely spice-averse) but just enough that it enhances the flavor.

That’s a lot of words to say that I loved these chips.

Legendary Foods Popped Protein Chips: Overall Thoughts

If you’re a fan of PopChips, these may just become your new favorite protein snack.

It’s only natural that they are going to be compared to Quest Protein Chips, but they are entirely different products.

I do find that the flavors of Quest Chips are superior to these popped protein chips (not to mention a much wider variety of flavors), but that doesn’t take away from what these are. And what they are is a satisfying popped chip.

If you’re craving a true crunchy chip experience, you’ll want to turn to Quest Chips or similar products. But if you’re in the mood for a light & airy PopChip-like snack, these are a solid option.

There’s definitely room for Legendary Foods to improve the flavors going forward, and I don’t particularly love the ranch or nacho cheese flavors, but to each their own.

I loved the barbecue flavor, so if they end up releasing more flavors like that, they can be a real winner.

Oh, and if you’re wondering, they are definitely better than PopCorners’ Flex Chips.

Legendary Foods Popped Protein Chips
REVIEW: Legendary Foods Protein Chips– Better Than Popchips?
Legendary Foods has created a chip that rivals regular Popchips, but with some pretty insane macros (150 calories and 20g protein per bag). It won't satisfy that chip craving in the crunch department, but it makes for a great high-protein snack.
Flavor Accuracy
Overall Taste
The Good
Light & airy (like Popchips)
No protein taste whatsoever
Generous seasoning
The Bad
Flavors can be improved
Doesn't have the crunch of a chip (may not be a bad thing if that's not what you're after)
Give 'Em A Try
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