REVIEW: Misfits Plant-Powered Protein Cereal

Flavors Tried: Chocolate, Choc Cinnamon

Price: $20 for 2 boxes ($1.42 per serving)

Nutrition per 40g serving: 150 Calories, 4g Fat, 18g Carbs (6g Fiber), 14g Protein

Misfits is a very popular brand overseas, and they’re doing their best to break into the US market now as well.

I had heard amazing things about their protein bars, but as a lover of cereal, I needed to give their protein cereal a try first.

Being 100% vegan, low sugar, and high protein, I have to admit that my expectations for the cereal going into this review were extremely low.

Nutritionally, this is quite an impressive protein cereal, especially for a plant-based cereal.

With 150 calories per serving along with 14g of protein, it’s the highest protein plant-based cereal I’ve come across.

The fact that this is not touted as a keto-friendly cereal is also appealing to me because I tend to enjoy products more when they have carbs to them. Granted, there is very little sugar and it is overall low in carbs, but it’s a bit more appealing to me than a keto cereal.

When I measured out a serving, I did realize that 40g of cereal is rather small. While that’s a typical serving size for cereal, since this one is so dense and compact, that 40g equates to very little volume.

I suppose that’s why they don’t list the cup measurement alongside the weight measurement on this one.

Regardless of serving size, we’re all about taste here, so let’s see how these cereals stack up.

Chocolate Misfits Protein Cereal

Misfits cereal

The chocolate Misfits cereal is one of the best-smelling foods my nose has ever had the privilege of sniffing.

When you open the box, it smells like you just stepped into a bakery where all they bake are chocolate donuts topped with chocolate frosting.

it smells very chocolatey and very sweet, just like a chocolate frosting. Upon smelling this cereal, my low expectations suddenly skyrocketed.

However, trying this cereal dry was very disappointing. Yes, you taste some chocolate, but it’s closer to the flavor of chocolate protein powder than it is actual cocoa powder.

There’s a very bitter aftertaste, which I can’t quite pinpoint based on the ingredients in this, but I have to imagine it is coming from either the sucralose or chicory root fiber. I truly cannot describe the aftertaste, but it was almost a slight burnt taste in the back of my throat.

A cereal’s true test is how it tastes in milk, though.

The chocolate Misfits cereal definitely improves in milk, but not substantially. That bitter aftertaste is almost completely eliminated when eaten with milk, which is awesome, but the overall chocolate flavor is still very much subpar.

And unlike most chocolate cereal out there, there is no chocolate runoff from this cereal, so you are not left with chocolate milk to drink at the end. Bummer.

Choc Cinnamon Misfits Protein Cereal

I’ll be honest: when I purchased this cereal, I thought I purchased cinnamon cereal. Turns out that it is chocolate cinnamon, which is very different from what I was expecting.

If you love the combination of chocolate and cinnamon, you’re going to be horribly disappointed by this cereal.

Choc cinnamon does not smell or taste at all like chocolate. If you were to do a blind taste test, you’d never know that this was a chocolate flavor.

However, the cinnamon tells a different story. In fact, the cinnamon flavor of this cereal is one of the most potent smelling and tasting cereals I’ve ever experienced.

The smell of this cereal reminds me of a really strong evergreen air freshener, and the taste reminds me very much of Big Red gum because the cinnamon flavor is so strong.

Now, it’s not all bad. Unlike the chocolate flavor, this cereal actually does improve slightly in milk. While the cinnamon flavor is still very strong, it does settle down a little bit in milk.

Misfits Cereal: overall thoughts

Misfits Protein Cereal

Considering my expectations were so low, Misfits cereal actually exceeded my expectations.

This is far from my favorite protein cereal, but I’ve had significantly worse.

Misfits cereal is very crunchy, has decent flavor overall, and has an impressive amount of protein per serving.

If you are plant-based, I can definitely see this being a decent option. I’ll stick with some other protein cereal options, but you can definitely do much worse.

Misfits Protein Cereal
REVIEW: Misfits Plant-Powered Protein Cereal
This may not be the best high-protein cereal out there, but it's far from the worst. Even though it is plant-based, there is no Earthy flavor to this cereal, but the overall flavors can definitely be improved.
Flavor Accuracy
Overall Taste (Dry)
Overall Taste (In Milk)
The Good
Very crunchy, even in milk
Strong aroma to each flavor
Great overall nutrition
No earthy flavor from the plant-based ingredients
The Bad
Flavors are not as accurate or strong as you'd hope
Volume of a single serving is pretty small
No coating run-off to flavor the milk in your cereal bar
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