REVIEW: Truely Protein Cereal- A Magic Spoon Alternative

Flavors Tried: Peanut Butter, Fruity, Cinnamon, Cocoa

Price: $42 for 4 boxes ($10.50 per box)

Nutrition: 1 Cup = 150 Calories, 7g Fat, 11g Carbs (4g Fiber & 4g Sugar Alcohol), 18g Protein

Truely boxes

I am no stranger to protein cereal, as evidenced by my ranking/review of over 20 different protein cereals.

Every once in a while, a new protein cereal comes seemingly out of nowhere to thoroughly surprise me, and that is exactly the case with Truely cereal.

I had never heard of Truely, since it hails from Canada, but the owner was kind enough to reach out to me and offer to send me some cereal. Don’t worry, that has absolutely no influence on my review whatsoever.

In fact, before I accept any product for review, I make the sender agree to allow me to post a review that is 100% honest, even if it is negative. If you’ve seen any of my other reviews here, you know that I have no problems being honest.

I had no idea what to expect with Truely, but upon seeing the nutrition facts and ingredients, it seemed like it was going to rival Magic Spoon.

Truely cereal macros

One noticeable difference is that Truely cereal contains 18 grams of protein, which is insanely good for protein cereal.

The two protein cereal options with more protein are Special K and Premier Protein, but both come with more calories as well. 150 calories with 18 grams of protein is excellent.

But how does it taste?

Flavor Review: Fruity

Truely fruit cereal

The Fruity flavor had a really strong scent, almost like if you somehow obtained a concentrate of Trix flavoring. The cereal itself is indistinguishable from regular cereal, and it even has a great crunch to boot.

The initial crunchy and slightly sticky nature reminds me of Magic Spoon cereal, although it’s not quite as bold in flavor. There’s a hint of erythritol in the aftertaste, but it’s not too distracting overall.

The cereal does better in milk, especially to cut down on the taste of erythritol, but the chalkiness as you chew takes away from the experience. Not unlike a lot of other protein cereal, it just feels a tad dry as you chew, but not nearly as bad as others.

Overall, this is surprisingly similar to Magic Spoon, but I’d consider it one step down.

Flavor Review: Cocoa

Truely cocoa

The Cocoa flavor was a winner for me. First and foremost, the smell is incredible- it smells just like chocolate.

It had the deep taste of dark chocolate I was hoping for without being too bitter, and that artificial flavor is masked very well in this one.

The texture was on point initially, but it did get a bit chalky as I kept chewing. The cereal definitely improves in milk, and the cold milk is the perfect complement to this chocolatey flavor.

If you can get past the slight chalkiness, this one is great.

Flavor Review: Peanut Butter

Truely peanut butter

The Peanut Butter flavor had a very strong smell, more like peanut sauce than the peanut butter I was expecting. This one uses peanut oil, which gives it a unique, almost savory twist that didn’t quite hit the mark for me.

It might be because my only experience with peanut oil is cooking stir fry, but it was a little bit offputting for me.

The peanut butter flavor is there, but the peanut oil is a bit too overpowering.

Truely mixed flavors

On its own, I don’t really enjoy this one, but mixing it with the cocoa flavor helped cut the peanut oil flavor, and the addition of milk tones it down a bit as well.

Still, if you have to try to mask the taste of your cereal, it may not be worth it.

Flavor Review: Cinnamon

Truely cinnamon

The Cinnamon flavor had a strong smell right out of the box, which had me excited.=

The taste was okay, but it had an overwhelming artificial taste, similar to some sugar-free recipes I’ve tried with erythritol and cinnamon. It works in a pinch, but it’s way different from your typical cinnamon sugar flavor.

It missed that addictive quality that makes some cinnamon cereals (like Cinnamon Toast Crunch) irresistible. This one felt a bit lackluster to me.

Enough cinnamon flavor comes through to make it a decent option, but it’s a big step down in flavor from fruity and cocoa.

Truely Cereal: Overall Thoughts

Bowl of truely

Even though Truely cereal comes all the way from Canada, the price point is on par with other protein cereals available in the US. It’s expensive, yes, but not far off from other expensive options (like Magic Spoon).

The flavors are generally good, with Fruity and Cocoa standing out as my favorites. The cereal stays crunchy in milk, which is a big plus. However, the chalky texture when chewing and a slight greasiness when eaten dry due to the oil content were downsides for me.

Truely cereal makes it into my top 5 protein cereals, securing the fifth spot.

It might not reach the heights of Magic Spoon, but it’s a worthy option with potential, especially in the Fruity and Cocoa flavors. If you can look past the slightly chalky nature, and instead focus on the crunch, flavor, and insanely good macros, then we’ve got a solid option here.

Truely mixed flavors
REVIEW: Truely Protein Cereal- A Magic Spoon Alternative
Truely cereal caught me surprise as a formidable protein cereal option. It compares pretty closely to Magic Spoon in terms of shape, texture, and crunch, but the overall flavor is one step down from Magic Spoon. Still, with a great crunch and insane macros, this is a great addition to the protein cereal game.
Flavor Accuracy
Overall Flavor
The Good
Crunchy (even in milk)
Great macros
Fruity & cocoa taste great
The Bad
Artificial sweetener comes through
Some flavors fall short
A bit chalky
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