REVIEW: Barebells Plant-Based Protein Bars

Flavors Tried: Salty Peanut, Hazelnut & Nougat

Price: $29.99 for 12 bars on Amazon ($2.50 per bar)

Nutrition: 220 Calories, 10g Fat, 27g Carbs (7g Fiber & 1g Sugar), 15g Protein

Barebells plant-based

Barebells protein bars are a top 3 protein bar for me. If you’re looking for a protein bar that resembles a candy bar, Barebells will not disappoint.

If you need a specific recommendation, Barebells Creamy Crisp bar is definitely my favorite! It’s like a combination of a 3 Muskateers bar and Twix.

Since I know I love Barebells bars, I wanted to see if I would love their plant-based bars just as much.

When it comes to plant-based protein bars, you definitely need to lower your expectations a bit. When plant-based protein is involved, the texture is typically more on the dense & dry side, and the flavor is never going to be quite as good.

But as I found with Lenny & Larry’s bars, plant-based doesn’t need to mean terrible.

Salty Peanut Barebells Plant-Based Bar

When I see salty peanut as the flavor, I fully expect the bar to resemble Snickers in some way. When a bar is coated with chocolate and contains crunchy peanut pieces in it, my mind immediately goes to Snickers.

Opening this bar up and giving it a smell test left a lot to be desired. In fact, it smelled a bit like cardboard.

There are tons of peanut pieces lining the top of the bar, which is definitely great to see. This is something that Barebells does well as a whole- they don’t skimp on the crunchy pieces.

But when I broke the bar in half to see the interior, I was very disappointed.

I was hoping for a soft interior (preferably with caramel, but I know that’s asking a lot) but the bar broke in half like it was completely solid.

The interior of this bar is dry and crumbly, but that’s pretty par for the course when it comes to plant-based bars.

Taste-wise, the salty peanut Barebells bar is exactly what I hoped it wouldn’t be. The flavor was very Earthy, and the plant-based protein (a combination of soy, pea, and rice protein) completely overpowered the peanut flavor.

There’s a very slightly peanut flavor overall, but this bar basically tastes like every other plant-based protein bar out there. It’s dry, chalky, and leaves a bitter aftertaste in your mouth.

This flavor is definitely a pass from me.

Hazelnut & Nougat Barebells Plant-Based Bar

After trying the salty peanut bar, I fully expected the hazelnut & nougat bar to be very dry as well.

When you think nougat, you think of a soft candy bar like 3 Muskateers or Milky Way, which I certainly did not expect with this bar.

And while it’s definitely not soft and pillowy like regular nougat, this protein had a much softer interior than the salty peanut flavor.

This flavor actually reminds me of some of the regular Barebells protein bars, but there is still a very distinct plant-based protein flavor to it. However, it’s not overpowering.

If you’ve tried the regular hazelnut & nougat Barebells protein bar, this one is definitely similar. The interior of this bar is dense compared to regular nougat, but not enough to make it unpleasant.

Plus, with plenty of hazelnut pieces throughout this bar, the hazelnut flavor is quite prominent.

All in all, I enjoyed this flavor!

Overall Thoughts: Barebells Plant-Based Bars

For me, the Hazelnut & Nougat bar is significantly better than the Salty Peanut bar. To put it into perspective, I ate the entire hazelnut bar after this review, but I didn’t go back to finish the salty peanut.

There is a distinct plant-based flavor to these bars, so if you’re expecting these to taste like candy bars, you will be incredibly disappointed.

But if you’ve had other plant-based bars before, you’ll find these flavors to be quite similar to what you’ve had.

Do I recommend these bars? If you’re plant-based, I do think they’re worth trying. You could certainly do much worse!

If you’re not plant-based, I wouldn’t bother with these. The regular Barebells protein bars are 100x better than these, so I recommend you run out and find some of those instead.

Barebells plant-based
REVIEW: Barebells Plant-Based Protein Bars
As far as plant-based bars are concerned, these are average options. They definitely have that dense, chalky texture that plant-based protein bars have, and regular Barebells protein bars blow these out of the water in every category.
Flavor Accuracy
Overall Taste
The Good
Decent nutrition facts for a plant-based bar
Lots of crunchy pieces on each bar
Nougat flavor is very pleasant
The Bad
Chalky and dense overall
Has an "Earthy" aftertaste
No caramel inside like the regular Barebells protein bars
Give It a Try
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