The 10 Best Tasting Protein Bars of 2024 (Dairy & Vegan)

Protein bars often get a bad rap, but I love them. They may not always be the greatest source of protein, but they’re a convenient way to get a little extra protein when you’re on the go.

Unfortunately, not all protein bars are created equally. More often than not, the taste of a protein bar is nothing to write home about.

But gone are the days of chalky protein bars that you have to choke down with a gallon of water. In 2024, we have a ton of delicious protein bar options to choose from.

Barebells Flavor Ranking

And since I have tried them all, I want to point you in the direction of the best protein bars in 2024.

I’ll give you two lists: the top 5 dairy-based protein bars, and the top 5 vegan protein bars.

These are my personal rankings, and I am basing these solely on taste. When it comes to choosing a protein bar, you’ll likely want to factor in the nutrition facts, ingredients, or price, but that’s too much to weigh for a simple list.

We want the best-tasting protein bars, and that’s exactly what I’m going to give you.

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    The Best Dairy-Based Protein Bars

    When it comes to protein, it’s no secret that dairy-based protein tastes superior. If you’ve ever compared a whey protein powder with the same flavor of a plant-based protein powder, you’ll notice a huge difference.

    The same goes for protein bars. If you’re looking for the best possible flavor, these are your best options…

    5. Fulfil Bars

    Fulfil bars are one of my favorite protein bars out there, and I love the fact that they are smaller than many other bars out there (they make for a great snack).

    They crack my top 5, but I can’t put them higher because not all flavors are created equally. Luckily, every single flavor eats like a candy bar, which is a huge selling point.

    The peanut butter flavors they offer are pretty disappointing, but I absolutely love the chocolate hazelnut flavor and the triple chocolate. Chocolate hazelnut truly reminds me of Nutella, and triple chocolate tastes like those chocolate Easter bunnies (if you’re unfamiliar, it’s just sweet milk chocolate).

    Fulfil bars lean towards the thick and chewy side, but not enough to ruin the experience for me. If the consistency improved, these would skyrocket to the top of the list, but they hold their own on flavor.

    4. G2G Bars

    G2G Bar Flavors

    There are so many peanut butter-based protein bars out there today, but G2G is the one company that just seems to get it right.

    Most peanut butter bars are overly sweet, but G2G is exactly what I want in a protein bar: firm but soft, true peanut butter flavor, no artificial taste, and large size.

    The macros of G2G bars aren’t the most impressive in the world (300 calories & 16g protein) but the taste makes it more than worth it.

    If you like peanut butter, there’s nothing to dislike about these.

    3. Ready Clean

    Ready clean dark chocolate bar

    I first found these Ready Clean bars at Walmart, and having never heard of them before, I was not expecting to like them.

    But man, I love these protein bars.

    Ready Clean bars are like an adult version of Chewy Bars, which I ate daily as a kid. If you’re tired of thick and chewy protein bars, the granola bar-like texture of these bars will leave you more than satisfied.

    There’s no artificial or bitter aftertaste with these bars, either. The chocolate coating and chocolate chips throughout the bar add a ton of flavor, and there is a great sweetness throughout. I can see some people finding these bars too sweet, but it is the perfect balance for me.

    If you grew up on Chewy Bars the same way I did, these protein bars are a must-buy.

    2. Barebells

    Barebells is extremely popular, and it’s clear to see why. If you’ve been seeing them all over the place but haven’t tried them yet: believe the hype.

    I’ve been fooled by popular protein bars before (hello Built Bar) but Barebells is the real deal.

    Barebells has managed to capture what makes the nougat inside candy bars so special, and turn that into a protein bar. Whereas most protein bars are thick and chewy, Barebells has created the perfect fluffy, albeit still slightly chewy, interior.

    And while some flavors are better than others, I haven’t met a flavor of Barebells that disappoints.

    The “Creamy Crisp” flavor specifically is my favorite: in terms of flavor, it truly reminds me of a Twix bar. Yes, the consistency is different, and of course it doesn’t taste quite as delicious as an actual candy bar, but it is truly amazing.

    Most protein bars are “good for protein bars,” but Barebells is good for any snack bar, protein or not.

    1. Barebells Soft Bar

    Barebells Caramel Choco Soft Bar

    I was hesitant to allow Barebells to claim the top 2 spots on this list, but since the “Soft Bar” is technically its own separate line, it deserves the top spot here.

    If you want a true candy bar experience, you’re never going to find anything closer than these Soft Bars.

    The bars have a slight chew to them, but they are every bit as soft and fluffy as you’d hope for in a candy bar. The Peanut Caramel flavor has all the components of a Snickers bar, and the flavor is there as well.

    The Snickers Hi Protein Bar barely resembles a Snickers bar, but the Barebells Soft Bar perfectly captures what makes the candy bar so special.

    And yet somehow, the “Caramel Choco” flavor is even better. It’ truly resembles the bar pictured above, and it truly reminds me of a Milky Way.

    If you ate these bars side-by-side with candy bars, then you’d be able to tell the difference. Don’t get me wrong.

    But these are hands down the most delicious protein bars available today.

    The Best Vegan Protein Bars

    Vegan protein bars deserve their own separate category, because nine times out of ten, they’re going to taste inferior to dairy-based protein bars. That’s not to say that vegan protein bars are automatically bad by any means, but they are certainly different.

    Because of this, vegan protein bars get their own separate ranking here.

    If you’ve never had plant-based protein bars before, just remember that the flavor is a bit different than the protein bars that you are used to. Plant-based protein has a distinct earthy flavor that is masked better in some bars than others.

    But fear not: these are your tastiest options.

    5. Barebells Vegan

    Barebells sits firmly at the top as the best-tasting protein bar out there today, but their plant-based version is a bit different. It’s a solid protein bar, but it’s a big step back from the dairy-based version.

    The interior of these protein bars is noticeably firmer than the regular Barebells bars, which tends to just be the nature of plant-based protein bars. Luckily, it’s not too dry and crumbly.

    But this is a ranking based on taste, and these protein bars have a distinct earthy flavor from the plant-based protein that overpowers the other flavors you’re hoping to experience. I quite enjoy the hazelnut & nougat flavor, but the flavor of the pea & soy protein takes precedent over the hazelnut flavor.

    While not my favorite protein bar in the world, it deserves a spot in the top 5 vegan protein bars.

    4. Zing Bars

    Zing Coconut

    Zing Bars are slightly lower in protein compared to other options (220 calories and 10g protein) but what they lack in protein, they make up for in taste.

    Since the protein content is low, there is not even a hint of plant-based flavor in this bar. When I tried the peanut butter chocolate flavor, I was incredibly impressed that the bar tasted like, well, chocolate and peanut butter.

    If you want a bar that’s soft, chewy, and doesn’t taste like protein, these Zing Bars deliver.

    3. GoMacro

    GoMacro bars have always been my wife’s go-to protein bar, and considering she hates protein bars, that should tell you something about these bars.

    To me, GoMacro bars are a more delicious version of RXBars. Granted, that’s a low bar for me, but these are one of those vegan, gluten-free, minimal-ingredient protein bars that actually delivers on taste.

    While the protein content is on the lower side of things, the base of brown rice syrup & peanut butter leads to a delicious protein bar.

    If you’re a dark chocolate fan, you’ll love the dark chocolate flavor. My personal favorite flavor is Oatmeal Chocolate Chip- it captures the essence of a real oatmeal cookie with a cookie dough-like texture.

    2. Lenny & Larry Cookie-Fied Bars

    Lenny & Larrys Cookies and Cream Bar

    I have never been a fan of Leny & Larry’s products. I find their cookies to be severely overrated, and their other products, like their wafer bars, are well below average.

    So when I decided to try these protein bars, I was expecting the worst. To my surprise… I love these protein bars.

    As someone who does not eat a plant-based diet, I regularly purchase these as part of my regular protein bar rotation.

    Considering how much I dislike other Lenny & Larry’s products, I feel dirty admitting how much I enjoy these bars, but here we are.

    They’re on the smaller side, around 160 calories each, but I love that in a snack. The texture of cookie dough-like, there are generous crunchy pieces throughout the bar that create a great contrast, and the flavor is on point.

    The Cookies & Creme flavor is my absolute favorite, and it tastes like a bar of Oreo cookie dough. There’s no hint of protein flavor, and the macros are quite impressive, too.

    If you’re like me and have not enjoyed Lenny & Larry’s products in the past, give these a try with an open mind.

    1. ALOHA

    ALOHA bar in half

    ALOHA protein bars take the top spot as the best-tasting plant-based protein bars out there today. I love these protein bars.

    I always have these stocked at home, and they hold their own as a delicious protein bar regardless of whether or not you are plant-based.

    With the peanut butter flavor, I find that you do get a hint of plant-based protein flavor, but the chocolate chip cookie dough flavor blows my mind every time I eat it. If you want a protein bar that tastes like you are eating raw cookie dough, this is it.

    The bar is soft and chewy, has the perfect level of sweetness, and even has a very slight graininess to it that you get when you eat real cookie dough. To be perfectly honest, if you didn’t know this was a plant-based protein bar, I don’t think you’d ever taste the difference.

    Since trying to cut back on sugar substitutes in my diet, ALOHA protein bars have become a staple in my diet, and I recommend them to anyone.

    Which Protein Bar is the Best of the Best?

    There you have it: the 10 best-tasting protein bars of 2024. But since these are broken up into 2 separate lists, how would this ranking look if it were combined into one top-10 list?

    Here’s the order of the best-tasting protein bars regardless of being plant-based or dairy-based.

    Best Tasting Protein Bars

    10. Barebells Plant-Based

    9. Zing Bar

    8. GoMacro

    7. Fulfil

    6. G2G Bar

    5. Ready Clean

    4. Lenny & Larry’s Cookie-Fied Bar

    3. ALOHA

    2. Barebells (Dairy-Based)

    1. Barebells Soft Bar

    How does this compare to your personal rankings? Which bars am I missing on this list? Let me know!

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