REVIEW: Lenny & Larry’s The BOSS! Immunity Bars (Wafer Protein Bars)

Flavors Tried: Peanut Butter Cup, Caramel Macchiato, Maple French Toast

Price: $22.77 for 12 ($1.90 per bar)

Nutrition: 300 Calories, 21g Fat, 16g Carbs (4g Fiber & 2g Sugar), 17g Protein

Lenny & Larry's Immunity Bars

Lenny & Larry’s products always seem really gimmicky to me, and these Immunity Bars are no exception.

I’ll be totally honest: I’ve never liked the “Complete Cookies” that Lenny & Larry’s sells. They’ve long been marketed as protein cookies, but they are an awful source of protein, and they taste like cardboard.

Then Lenny & Larry’s released The Boss protein cookies, which improved on the total protein in each cookie, but the flavor became significantly worse.

Well, clearly they sell well, because Lenny & Larry’s have released a whole bunch of new products over the years, the latest being these Immunity Bars.

What exactly are “immunity bars,” you ask?

It’s tough to say for sure, because it seems like these protein bars have a bit of an identity crisis, but here’s what we know…

Immunity bar nutrition facts

These immunity bars are:

  • High in calories
  • Very high in fat
  • Not a great protein-to-calories ratio
  • Not keto-friendly
  • Contains both dairy & plant protein (so they’re not plant-based)
  • Have a small amount of probiotics

Since these bars have a small amount of probiotics added, I suppose that makes them immunity bars. But, given the rest of the nutrition facts, these are far from an impressive protein bar.

17 grams of protein is decent, but when there are 300 calories and 20 grams of fat, you’d expect more. But if they taste good, I suppose there’s a chance they are still a decent snack despite the less-than-impressive macros.

The BOSS! Immunity Bars: Caramel Macchiato

Caramel macchiato immunity bar

The caramel macchiato bar has a very strong coffee scent, and it smells very much like caramel-flavored coffee beans. It reminds me a lot of the ONE Coffeeshop protein bars.

Unfortunately, the flavor itself just tastes like bad, cheap coffee. If you go to your Grandma’s house and she brews you coffee with caramel coffee beans that she purchased 8 months ago in a coffee maker from 1940 that rarely gets cleaned, that’s what these bars taste like.

Okay, that was unnecessarily harsh. But these truly just taste like very mediocre caramel coffee, similar to the Vital Proteins bars.

The texture of these bars can only be described as “unique.” It certainly resembles a crunchy wafer cookie, but becomes slimy as you chew it, similar to how keto cereal breaks down as you chew it.

The overall flavor could be worse, but it’s really not very good.

The BOSS! Immunity Bars: Maple French Toast

Maple french toast immunity bar

Somehow, this maple french toast bar both smells AND tastes like nothing.

I have no idea how to review this bar because it truly has no flavor.

If anything, I suppose it just tastes like a vanilla wafer, but there is absolutely no maple or cinnamon flavor to this bar.

Had I done a blind taste test, I’d have had no idea what I was eating.

After my initial review, I went back to try this protein bar again thinking maybe I was going crazy, but it truly just tastes like a plain wafer.

Take that for what you will.

The BOSS! Immunity Bars: Peanut Butter Cup

Peanut butter cup immunity bar

First, I’d like to point out the lackluster chocolate coating on this bar. 2 out of the 3 bars I tried didn’t have a coating that completely covered the bar, which just feels so lazy to me.

This peanut butter cup bar does smell like both peanut butter and dark chocolate, which is very nice to find after that maple French toast debacle.

Unfortunately, the flavor falls completely flat. The wafer definitely tastes like peanut butter, but not good peanut butter. It tastes very much like a mediocre peanut butter protein bar flavor.

The chocolate coating does resemble dark chocolate, but in the same way that protein powder resembles chocolate. Some bars, like Barebells, have a delicious chocolate coating, but that is not the case here.

Lenny & Larry’s Immunity Thoughts: Overall Thoughts

Lenny & Larry's immunity bars

If you read through this entire review and felt that I was being too harsh, you may be right. Historically speaking, I do not enjoy Lenny & Larry’s products.

However, I should point out that Lenny & Larry’s Cookie-fied Bars are actually one of the highest-rated products on this site!

So, you know that I’m capable of playing fair when it comes to Lenny & Larry’s.

These Immunity Bars are simply not good. Nutritionally, they are not an impressive protein bar, and they seriously miss the mark on flavor.

If the wafer texture is what you’re after, you’re better off going with Power Crunch Bars or Optimum Nutrition Wafers.

Lenny & Larry's Immunity Bars
REVIEW: Lenny & Larry’s The BOSS! Immunity Bars (Wafer Protein Bars)
Flavor Accuracy
Overall Taste
The Good
Nice crunchy wafer texture
Contains probiotics
The Bad
Nutrition facts are not impressive
Flavors are disappointing
Give 'Em A Try
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  1. I went on somewhat of a fast the day after Thanksgiving. Even beforehand I was eating these bars as I thought they were ok, compared to nothing for my chronic sweet tooth. These bars were my only indulgent snack, other than the occasional organic dates. I went in for my normal physical with bloodwork. I have been wheat free and added sugar free since June 2023, eating extremely healthy. Again these bars were my indulgent snack. I travel a lot for my son’s sports, these are/were readily available in most gas stations and convenience stores. Well, my blood sugar results were higher than when I ate a consistent trash. I am not making this up. I am also second guessing the validity of the ingredients. I would stay clear from these bars.

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