Promax protein bars
Promax protein bars are pretty average as far as taste is concerned, but their soft texture is pleasant compared to most overly chewy options out there.
GoMacro Stack
If you need a bar that checks all the health food boxes (gluten-free, plant-based, organic) then GoMacro has you covered, but the flavors won't blow you away.
RXBar Review
RXBar gives you exactly what you expect: it's all laid out right on the package, and what you see is exactly what you taste. If you want a protein bar with minimal ingredients, I can see the appeal, but there are far tastier options out there.
Bobo's protein bars
I love Bobo's Oat Bars, but these protein bars are a huge disappointment for me. They taste like flavored pea protein in the form of a protein bar- something that I am certainly not into.