ALOHA protein bars are some of the better plant-based protein bars I've tried, and they are the perfect introduction to plant-based eating if you are new to that world. The flavors are great for ANY protein bar, not just plant-based bars.
Authentic Protein Bars
Yet another peanut butter-based protein bar has hit the market, and it looks very similar to others out there. But does it taste similar? Spoiler alert: yep!
Fit Crunch Bars
Fit Crunch Bars have been one of the leaders in the industry for quite some time, and based on the texture of these bars, I can see the appeal. However, the flavor is simply too artificial for me to truly enjoy these bars.
Met RX Protein Bars
There's no denying that MET-Rx bars are fun, and if you need a high-calorie option, these might be a good choice for you. But when compared to the other options available today, these are only average in almost every single category.